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Drew Brees sees potential in Jameis Winston as the future of the Saints: ‘He’s a tremendous talent

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The Saints had signed Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston in 2020, a year after he threw an astounding 30 onderskep. Having played just four games behind Brees and leading the Saints to a 3-2 record t...

A-Smith 3 TD's, Baylor beats future B12 foe, Geen. 19 BYU 38-24

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Baylor (6-1) led by only three points midway through the third quarter before Doyle caught a 2-yard TD pass from Gerry Bohanon. Smith ran for a 7-yard score about 3 1/2 minutes later to make it 31-14, after TJ Frankl...

Die rockster Miami -polisiehoof, Art Acevedo, se toekoms is op dun ys 6 maande in die werk

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Ses maande nadat Art Acevedo bedank het as die polisiehoof van Houston om die pos by die Miami -polisiekantoor te beklee, sy toekoms by die agentskap is op dun ys nadat stadskommissarisse hom tydens twee dae uit die veld gesit het..

‘Die toekoms behoort aan ons’: NextGen America begin $32 miljoen -program om jong kiesers uit te skakel 2022

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Washington, DC Met net meer as 'n jaar tot die 2022 middeltermynverkiesings, VolgendeGen America -- die progressiewe jeugkiesersbetrokkenheidsorganisasie -- begin met 'n $ 32 miljoen -program om jong kiesers oor die hele agt te betrek..

Olympic gold medalist pleads guilty in Capitol riot and will help prosecutors in future cases

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Olympic gold medalist Klete Keller pleaded guilty Wednesday to a felony charge of obstructing the Electoral College proceedings on January 6 -- and in a surprise move, plans to cooperate with the Justice Department ...

Prince William ‘is under pressure like none before’ as the future king, beweer koninklike skrywer

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"Following the April death of [Prins Philip], William has stepped up to become one of the three family figures, adding the ginger of youth to royal strategy," royal historian Robert Lacey told People magazine for th...

Shohei Ohtani casts doubt on Angels future: ‘I want to win

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The Angels solidified their sixth consecutive losing season — even with Ohtani emerging as the favorite to win the American League MVP award, thanks to how successful he’s been at the plate and on the mound. Ohtani w...

General Motors reveals the Ultium electric motors that will power it into the future

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The automaker revealed the three electric motors that will be featured across the upcoming lineup of electric models that will be built on its Ultium battery-powered platform. The three motors come in three power lev...

Afghanistan women’s rights protester says Taliban violence won’t stop future demonstrations

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"It might be quite challenging for everybody to go out and to still resist and do demonstrations, but that will not stop people," the activist said. "That will not stop women." Die vrou, whose identity Fox News is n...

John Fonds: California Dems strike back – future recalls will face blowback in state’s One Party Empire

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SY. JOHN BARRASSO: BIDEN AND DEMOCRATS ARE THE PARTY OF CHAOS With the failure of the Newsom recall, you can expect Democrats and their media allies to gang up and question the very validity of California’s recall p...

Groot 12 coaches says swift expansion solidified league future

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"I knew none of that was true," Klieman said. The Big 12's swift response to expand with the additions of BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston certainly helped answer a lot of those questions and created some stability m...

John Byrnes: As a 9/11 first responder and Afghan vet, here are my hopes for the future 20 years after attack

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I had been back in the military only about a year. I was an adult student at Hunter College on the Upper East Side and had joined the National Guard after a break in service from active duty to help pay for tuition. ...

Future of remote Louisiana community uncertain after mass devastation from Hurricane Ida

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The storm made landfall Aug. 29 near Port Fourchon — about 10 miles southwest of the state's last inhabited barrier island — with winds up to 150 km / h. HURRICANE IDA, ‘EXTREMELY DANGEROUS’ CATEGORY 4 STORM MAKES LAND...

Genl. Petraeus: Afghanistan facing ‘very uncertain futureafter US exit

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GEN. DAVID PETRAEUS: We withdrew, and I think we'll have to see whether we actually, kwotasie, geëindig 20 years of war or if the endless war will continue. It's still not clear whether there will be some kind of civil war...

Mercedes-Benz demos mind controls in its ‘Avatar’-inspired car of the future

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Mercedes-Benz is demonstrating a new brain-computer interface that allows passengers to control the features of its futuristic VISION AVTR concept car with their minds at the Munich Auto Show.

The Porsche Mission R Concept is the electric track car of the future

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The German automaker has revealed an all-electric track car concept at the Munich Auto Show that it could start selling in 2025. (Porsche) The shark-nose Mission R is an entirely unique design with ...

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