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White House enlists media platforms and personalities to distribute ‘Biden propaganda’: Tulsi Gabbard

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TULSI GABBARD: They're afraid of the truth. They're afraid of even a single voice coming out as challenging the power elite, questioning them, daring to hold a dissenting view. And they're afraid because their argume...

Tulsi Gabbard on Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant fire: ‘It’s unimaginable what the impacts of that will be

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TULSI GABBARD: I went to Chernobyl after my second deployment to the Middle East. I was traveling to Eastern Europe, traveled around Ukraine and went to Chernobyl myself to see for myself the aftermath of what this k...

Tulsi Gabbard warns vague federal definition of ‘domestic extremistswill further endanger civil liberties

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STEYN: There's something very bizarre going on in America right now. Normaalweg, the state is very hard to steer, like the titanic. Tog, all of our key agencies in the so-called intelligence community have turned on a ...

Gabbard: Ukraine conflict avoidable if U.S. had recognized Russia concerns about Ukraine’s NATO entry

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"This war and suffering could have easily been avoided if Biden Admin/NATO had simply acknowledged Russia’s legitimate security concerns regarding Ukraine’s becoming a member of NATO, which would mean US/NATO forces ...

Tulsi Gabbard: Leaders in our country ‘lost sightof our mission in Afghanistan

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Gabbard joined Fox News host Trey Gowdy on "Sunday Night in America" to discuss the recent Senate hearings regarding military leadership surrounding Afghanistan. "The United States went into Afghanistan to fight terr...

America’s leaders display an ‘F-you attitudetoward people: Tulsi Gabbard

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TULSI GABBARD: There is so much devastation and incredible suffering that’s going on in Ukraine right now. The world needs to condemn Putin for his actions. The thing here is that our leaders really have this F-you a...

Gabbard sê Biden het 'ramp' Harris gekies weens dieselfde 'identiteitspolitiek'’ agter Hooggeregshofsoektog

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"Biden het Harris as sy VP gekies weens die kleur van haar vel en geslag - nie kwalifikasie nie. Sy was 'n ramp," Gabbard vroeg Maandagoggend gesê. "Nou belowe hy om die benoemde van die Hooggeregshof op dieselfde maatstaf te kies..

Tulsi Gabbard: Biden’s regime change comment reveals his true ‘objectivesfor Putin

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Gabbard, a 2020 presidential candidate and U.S. military reservist, pointed to Biden's speech in Warsaw on Saturday where he appeared to call for a new regime in Russia, declaring at the time that President Vladimir ...

Tulsi Gabbard: ‘Powerful elite’ conspire with media to eliminate rivals who challenge the establishment

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TULSI GABBARD: We have a situation in our country where the powerful elite, people like Hillary Clinton and those around her, the deep state and the media, they are all colluding to destroy outsiders who they deem as...

Tulsi Gabbard: Islamist jihadists are continuing to wage war against us

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TULSI GABBARD: This kind of accountability is critical. I want to point out first that any time there are civilian casualties in war, it is tragic and terrible. War is a terrible thing and I think it’s important for ...

Tulsi Gabbard accuses Biden’s Homeland Security Sec. Mayorkas of boldly lying to Congress

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"The Biden-Harris administration has an open-door policy at the borders," the Hawaii Democrat said. "The reality is that people are being let in and crossing the border every single day." Under the Biden administrati...

Tulsi Gabbard responds to Mitt Romney’s accusation of ‘treasonous lies

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"While Senator Romney and all these different talking heads in the mainstream media are regurgitating Hillary Clinton's slanderous talking points, the facts remain," Gabbard told host Tucker Carlson. Sy. ...

Tucker Carlson: Everything that Tulsi Gabbard said about biolabs in Ukraine is true

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So, you can assume there's not a lot Zelenskyy thinks about at this point, apart from getting the Russians off of Ukrainian soil. So last week, Zelenskyy floated the idea of accepting so-called Ukrainian neutrality, ...

Tulsi Gabbard: Parents should have the right to raise children without fear of government

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TULSI GABBARD: I think that anything that gets in the way of parents who love their kids, who want what's best for their kids, the government, getting in the way of their being able to raise their children, impart th...

Tulsi Gabbard says she won’t let big tech ‘silence’ haar

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TULSI GABBARD: Normaalweg, gemiddeld, videos that I post on Instagram get somewhere between 250–300,000 views, tens of thousands of likes. The video that I posted last night or early this morning got about 10 persentasie ...

Americans have yet to see a justification for Ukraine joining NATO: Tulsi Gabbard

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TULSI GABBARD: I've looked at this carefully, Tucker, and I have yet to find any benefit that a political leader has used or could use to justify this to the American people. All you hear is like, 'well we have to de...

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