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Kevin Hart trol Eli Manning oor gesigsuitdrukkings: 'Die gesig van gas’

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Die komediant was een van die vier gaste wat tydens die Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Week vir die vertoning tougestaan ​​het. 11 spel. Die uitsending het 'n snit van Hart se segment met Odell Beckham Jr. op sy vertoning "Koud soos balle"...

Sy. Tom Cotton calls to ‘ban the import of Russian oil and gas

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SY. TOM KATOEN: The Democrats are blind ideologues when it comes to oil and gas. I'm glad that Nancy Pelosi has finally come around to what I've been saying for weeks, which so many Republicans say, that we should b...

The world is addicted to natural gas. Fossil fuel companies are lobbying hard to keep it that way

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Imagine a world entirely free of fossil fuels. That's no longer such an abstract concept, as most of the everyday things we do can be powered by electricity -- driving a car, heating a home, charging a phone or comp...