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Jim Breslo: Gavin Newsom’s woke plans now include toys, lawn mowers and even restrooms

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In die 2021 legislative session which just ended, some of the bills were so crazy that even progressive darling Gov. Gavin Newsom did not have the stomach to sign them. Before we get to them, let’s look at some of t...

Gavin Newsom signs bill to return seized beachfront land to Black couple’s descendants

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The new law is considered a win for reparations advocates. "As governor of California, let me do what apparently Manhattan Beach is unwilling to do, and I want to apologize to the Bruce family for the injustice that...

Two of California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s children test positive for Covid-19

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Two of California Gov. Gavin Newsom's four children have tested positive for Covid-19, his office said in a statement Friday. "Gister, two of the Governor's children tested positive for Covid-19," said spokespers...

Bekendes reageer op Gov. Gavin Newsom se oorwinning in sy herroepingsverkiesing

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'N Meerderheid Kaliforniërs het nee gestem - betekenis teen die verwydering van Newsom uit die amp - in die herroepingsverkiesing vir die gesukkelde eerste termyn demokratiese goewerneur. Maak 'n einde aan die konserwatiewe radio -gasheer Larry E..

LA Times celebrates Gavin Newsom’s recall win over ‘extremist, intolerantLarry Elder: ‘A sigh of relief

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"Phew. After months of worrying about the fate of California, we will sleep easier now that Gov. Gavin Newsom will not be removed from office early and replaced by right-wing provocateur Larry Elder, a radio host wit...

The No’s have it – Goewerneur. Gavin Newsom survives in California recall election

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The Associated Press projects that a majority of Californians have voted no - betekenis teen die verwydering van Newsom uit die amp - in Tuesday's recall election of the embattled first-term Democratic governor. Newsom, who wa...

Kaliforniese goewerneur. Gavin Newsom word deur inwoners van San Francisco beoordeel

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The answers ranged anywhere from an "A plus plus" to an "F." "Terrible," said a local man who gave Newsom an F. "Basies, I wasn’t working because of him." But a woman told Fox News the California governor, a form...

RNC -voorsitter McDaniel: Gavin Newsom’s time is up. Californians fed up with master class in failure

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An objective look at his record makes clear he has failed Californians from Costa Mesa to Crescent City. Gavin Newsom's disastrous policies have left California in far worse condition than it was before his failed te...

Why Latinos are eager to recall Gavin Newsom

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"He talks about how he loves the Latino community, wants to help the Latino community but I didn't see Governor Newsom down here last year when Latino businesses were hurt badly," "They make it seem like the only iss...

Biden to campaign for California Gov. Gavin Newsom day before recall election

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The rally, Newsom's last before his fate is decided by the recall vote, will take place Monday. Biden will be encouraging Californians to vote against the recall, Newsom's campaign said. GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM SUPPORTERS...

Goewerneur. Gavin Newsom supporters spout criticism of Larry Elder ahead of California recall election

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"He's awful," one Newsom supporter told Fox News. "He's a Trump. A Black Trump, basies. He's a terrible person." The Newsom supporters were gathered in San Leandro, where Vice President Kamala Harris joined the go...

What California’s homelessness crisis has to do with the recall effort against Gavin Newsom

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California's homelessness crisis is a top-of-mind issue for many voters who are still weighing whether to return their ballots in the special election to recall California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. They have wa...

Latino voters could be key to Gavin Newsom keeping his job

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Los Angeles If California Gov. Gavin Newsom is able to keep his job and avoid a recall later this month, he could have Latino voters to thank for it. A mix of Democratic campaigns, super PACs and organizations thro...

Tomi Lahren blasts Gavin Newsom’s failed leadership, warns Californians ahead of recall vote

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CALIFORNIA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE ELDER CONFIDENT NEWSOM WILL LOSE IN RECALL: 'HE'LL BE OUT OF HERE' TOMI LAHREN: I'm very confident, I think a lot of Californians are very confident, they're not forgetting what was...

Waarom gaan Joe Biden na Gavin Newsom na Kalifornië??

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Die Withuis het hierdie week aangekondig dat president Biden Woensdag na Kalifornië sal vlieg om veldtog vir die regering te voer. Gavin Newsom voor die September 14 verkiesing herroep. Wat 'n basiese vraag laat ontstaan: Hoekom? Na alles...

Dr. Drew beklemtoon Gavin Newsom se leierskap: 'U verstaan ​​nie hoe sleg Kalifornië is nie’

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"U kan u nie voorstel hoe die lewe in Kalifornië is nie ... u kan nie verstaan ​​hoe erg dit is nie, en daarom [Newsom’s] in die moeilikheid," Dr. Drew het aan Brian Kilmeade, Fox News, gesê. "U hoef net uit u huis te stap om te sien hoe dinge gaan ...

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