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North Korean defector in diving gear swims to South Korea, military says

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sluit Video Fox News Flits die hoofopskrifte vir Februarie 17 Kyk wat kliek . A North Korean man in diving gear swam to South Korea on Tuesday in an apparent bid to defect from Kim Jong Un's Hermit King...

Rescue efforts after strong Indonesia quake stymied by blocked roads, lack of gear

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close Video top headlines for January 16<br> Damaged roads and bridges, power blackouts and lack of heavy equipment on Saturday hampered rescuers after a strong earthquake left at least 46 people dead ...

Paulina Porizkova, 55, and her mom, 74, show off their abs in workout gear

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sluit die hoofopskrifte vir video's vir Januarie 5 top vermaak en celebrity nuus is hier. kliek vandag in vermaak. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree! Paulina Porizkova is...

7-year-old’s bracelet making raises $20,000 for hospital pandemic gear

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Hayley Orlinsky wanted to fundraise $ 200 for Chicago's Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children's hospital by making colorful rubber band bracelets. A few months and over 8,000 bracelets later, Orlinsky, 7, has raised ov...

Die 7-jarige Chicago samel geld in vir die hospitaal se pandemie-toerusting

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sluit video se topopskrifte vir Desember 8 CHICAGO - Hayley Orlinsky het soveel armbande gemaak, looping colorful rubber bands over her thumb and index finger again and again, that she no longer must watch her...

Oscar Isaac het 'n rol gespeel as 'n videogame-ikoon Solid Snake in 'Metal Gear Solid' van Sony: verslag doen

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sluit die hoofopskrifte vir vermaak vir Desember in die video 4 top vermaak en celebrity nuus is hier. kliek vandag in vermaak. Oscar Isaac just landed the ultimate sandbox gig. The Golden G...

The perfect car is a hybrid station wagon, according to ‘Top Gear

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close Video Station wagons are going extinct Station wagons have been pushed aside by SUVs in the American market and only a handful remain on sale. The perfect car is … a station wagon? Top Gear/SW...

A man wearing Trump gear who was seen deliberately exhaling on women outside Trump golf club has been charged

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A man wearing a Trump shirt and an inflatable Trump innertube around his belly who was seen on video deliberately exhaling on two women outside of President Donald Trump's golf course in Virginia has been charged wi...

MoveOn, left-wing groups gear up for ‘mass public unrest’ na die verkiesingsdag

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close Video top headlines for September 8 An association of left-wing organizations is currently planning out strategies for what they believe would be a political dogfight should Joe Biden win November's el...