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Buck Sexton says Biden administration cares more about banning e-cigarettes than gender transition drugs

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BUCK SEXTON: There is truly no principle involved here for them. But when you look at the recent history of the FDA and how they were asleep at the wheel on the baby formula issue which has now caused a baby formula ...

Opinión: For my community, a single soccer goal captures the life-giving joy of gender inclusivity

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Jennifer Harvey is a professor of religion at Drake University. Ella es la autora de "Dear White Christians: For Those Still Longing for Racial Reconciliation, 2nd ed." y "Raising White Kids: Bringing up Children i...

FINA aprueba política de inclusión de género’ para nadadores transgénero

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los "política de inclusión de género" solo permitirá a los nadadores que hayan hecho la transición antes de la edad de 12 para competir en eventos femeninos. Los miembros de la FINA votaron 71.5% a favor de las nuevas políticas. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA ...

White supremacy’s rigid views on gender and sexuality

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Washington The recent arrests of 31 people accused of planning to riot near a Pride parade in Idaho might be perplexing to some, but White supremacy goes beyond just intolerance for certain racial groups. White supre...

DOJ suing NY town and fire department for alleged gender discrimination and sexual harassment

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US federal prosecutors are suing a New York town, alleging gender discrimination and sexual harassment against a former firefighter, according to a lawsuit filed by the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern Distri...

School staff reportedly told to share information on studentsgender transition with private company

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According to the letter, durante un "day of professional learning" at the Clear Creek Independent School District, a presentation was given regarding topics related to gender identity by a staff member from the Montros...

New Yorkers can now choose an ‘Xgender marker on their state IDs

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Residents of New York can now choose an "X" marker for their gender on state identification cards The change is one piece of the Gender Recognition Act, which was passed by the New York state assembly in 2021. Nuevo ...

LGBTQ+ chat room encourages teens to discuss gender, sexuality with adults without parental consent

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The outrage stems from a tweet shared by the Libs of TikTok Twitter account capturing a move by the Arizona Department of Education which would provide a "resource link" for LGBT students to discuss their gender and/...

Republicans are gaining with female voters, as gender gap shrinks

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The polling ahead of the 2022 midterms has been marked by a shrinking of electoral divisions. Young and older voters are now more likely to agree on their views of President Joe Biden. The Democratic advantage among...

Mom claims daughter was invited to an art club which was really about gender identity

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Erin Lee said the day started like any other – and when her daughter text home asking to go to an after-school art club, her parents gave their permission. "When we picked her up from that program after school, we c...

California district to probe students on how often they hang out with people of ‘different gender identities’

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La encuesta, which spanned 31 preguntas, probed students on questions relating to "capital" and whether they felt equipped to speak "against racism" y "homophobia." Parents were sent an email on May 5 notifying them ...

From CRT to gender ideology education, the left keeps coming for our kids

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Avance rápido hasta hoy, the radical left has thrown down the gauntlet as their crusade to come for our kids has grown louder and they’ve declared our children communal property. Presidente Biden, speaking to teachers a...

I’m a dad who wants schools to teach kids how to read—not how to be gender fluid

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COVID pulled the curtain back and shined a spotlight on what was actually happening in our schools. Like so many other parents in America, I was fed up. TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL MAY BE BYPASSING STATE LAW TO OFFER CRT-RELAT...

Padres’ rights groups urge Cardona not to ‘rewriteTitle IX by striking due process, adding gender identity

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"We represent parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens across the country who are worried that the forthcoming rule changes are a politicized effort to placate activists," the organizations, spearheaded by Paren...

California man charged after allegedly threatening Merriam-Webster over gender definitions

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A California man was arrested this week after he allegedly sent threatening online messages to the Merriam-Webster company over dictionary definitions containing references to gender identity, según el documento judicial..

Florida pushes back on Biden’s HHS treatments for gender dysphoria guidance

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Citing medical studies that brought into question the safety and psychological impact hormone treatments may have on adolescents, the department said there was a "lack of conclusive evidence" and warned of a "potenti...

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