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NASCAR’s next generation Cup Series car revealedhere’s what’s changed

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After being delayed a season due to the coronavirus pandemic, NASCAR’s next generation Cup Series cars have been revealed. (Toyota) The Toyota, Ford and Chevrolet-bodied coupes feature sleeker stylin...

Dr. Ben Carson: Saddest part of Biden causing massive inflation is effect on children, next generation

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DR. BEN CARSON, Maryland: The sad part to me, having spent my entire professional career as a pediatric neurosurgeon and being concerned about the welfare of children is seeing what we are doing to their future. These thin...

NASA’s Juno mission captures first closeup images of Jupiter’s largest moon in a generation

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The largest moon in our solar system got its first close-up in more than 20 years on Monday. NASA's Juno mission took the images as it swung within 645 millas (1,038 kilómetros) of Ganymede's surface during a flyby,...

Greg Gutfeld: Somos la generación más afortunada de mocosos mimados en la historia del mundo.

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Mis favoritos: "Planeta de los simios," "Verde Soylent," "El hombre omega," y por supuesto "Tomates verdes fritos." Cuando era niño, Imaginé el futuro aterrador y extraño. Cada día sería como el Black Friday en Walmart. B...

FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell calls climate change the ‘crisis of our generation’

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Apareciendo en "Domingo de Fox News" with Chris Wallace, Criswell said the frequency and intensity of recent weather events point to the "impacts of climate change" and that the federal government needs to start investing ...

Gavin Newsom is about to determine the future of California Democratic politics for a generation

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Over the next few months, Gavin Newsom will single-handedly remake the face of the California Democratic Party -- a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that also presents major political peril as Newsom looks to a second...

TV OT: The spooky TV that made a generation of horror fans. Más, Halloween programming, “Maid” y “Billions

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TV OT es un vistazo semanal a lo que ve el equipo de entretenimiento de CNN, ya que demasiada televisión nos hace trabajar horas extras.. As I sit down to write my annual defense of Candy Corn, enjoy this week's TV OT. A scary go...

Superintendents push to speed up vaccination of educators: ‘We could lose a whole generation of kids

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Superintendents from Texas, Florida, Washington, North Carolina and other states are pushing for an organized plan to vaccinate the country's teachers and school staff more quickly, in order to allow schools to open...

A new poll shows the next generation of Americans hate their own country: Hegseth

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CULTURE WARS ROARING BACK WITH VIRGINIA'S TONI MORRISON BOOK BATTLE PETE HEGSETH: Hoy dia, the Harvard Kennedy School's Institute of Politics released their biannual Harvard youth poll. They've been doing the poll for ...

Jahmil francés, "Degrassi: La próxima generación’ actor, muerto en 29

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Jahmil francés, un actor conocido por su papel de Dave Turner en la serie canadiense "Degrassi: La próxima generación," ha muerto, según su gerente, Gabrielle Kachman. Él era 29. "Es con un corazón apesadumbrado que c ...

New Zealand plans to ban smoking for the next generation

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New Zealand plans to outlaw smoking for the next generation so they will never be legally able to buy tobacco in the country. Under proposed new legislation, the legal age of 18 for buying tobacco will be raised pro...

How TikTok is teaching a generation of people about food

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Por ahora, you've seen it. The block of white feta, lightly browned from the oven, resting on a bed of roasted cherry tomatoes and olive oil. Mixed together, the cheese and the tomatoes make a sauce. Add cooked pasta,...

Revelaciones en la azotea: Pastors discuss how nihilism is destroying a generation

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It was this nihilism that was on the mind of Pastor Corey Brooks when he woke up on the 38th day of his 100-day rooftop vigil to combat the rising violence on the South Side of Chicago. He was not alone; a fellow pas...

‘The Crowneffect: How a TV show introduced Prince Philip to a generation of Americans

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Los Angeles For over 70 años, he was at Queen Elizabeth II's side. Not until he was 96, just three years before his death, did Prince Philip step back from most of his public duties. Todavía, while he did less in the pu...

La cantante de country Lauren Alaina sobre inspirar a "una nueva generación de mujeres a verse y sentirse lo mejor posible"’

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La joven de 27 años está a punto de salir a la carretera el próximo mes para un espectáculo de 21 fechas y se asociará con la marca de ropa femenina Maurices para arrojar luz sobre "Héroes de la ciudad natal" – mujeres que retribuyen a sus comunidades como….

Chernobyl radiation effects have not been passed on to next generation, hallazgos del estudio

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Parents who were exposed to radiation from the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster did not pass genetic changes caused by radiation exposure on to their children, un nuevo estudio ha encontrado. los 1986 reactor explosi...