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George Carlin: A look at HBO documentary on late comedian

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This two-night biography called "George Carlin’s American Dream" dives into the late star's multi-decade career, and features old home videos, audio recordings and previous tv show clips. Suo fratello, Patrick, his f...

Why Arabs aren’t laughing at George W. Bush’s gaffe on Ukraine and Iraq

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A version of this story first appeared in CNN's Meanwhile in the Middle East newsletter, a three-times-a-week look inside the region's biggest stories. Iscriviti qui. Beirut, Lebanon When pundits called former US Pres...

Ex-Minneapolis Police officer Thomas Lane pleads guilty to manslaughter in George Floyd’s death

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Former Minneapolis Police officer Thomas Lane pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter Wednesday related to his role in the killing of George Floyd in May 2020, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison said in a...

George Soros throws $1M behind Stacey Abramssecond gubernatorial run

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Soros' Democracy PAC II, a federal committee bankrolled by $ 125 million from the financier for the 2022 elezioni, fatto un $ 1 million donation to One Georgia Inc. a marzo 11, Federal Election Commission records s...

Milley told Esper he was ‘this closeto resigning after Trump Oval Office meeting about George Floyd protests

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Washington Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told former Defense Secretary Mark Esper he was "this close" to resigning on the spot after a contentious Oval Office meeting with then-President Dona...

George Perez, 'Wonder Woman’ illustrator, morto a 67

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The DC comics legend died of pancreatic cancer at his home with his wife by his side, according to a social media post shared by his longtime friend, Constance Eza. Perez was 67. Eza wrote that he was "not in pain" un...

Opinione: George Orwell is exactly the right voice for our time

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Laura Beers è una professoressa di storia presso la American University, where she teaches a seminar on George Orwell and the making of the modern world. È autrice di "La tua Gran Bretagna: Media and the Making of the Labour P...

LA sheriff says George Gascon recall election on pace to happen: ‘The country has had enough

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"It looks like it's gonna happen. I think that's a historical moment for this experiment with ultra-progressive DAs who don't do their job. I think the country has had enough with it. They just want to see basic law ...

Il presidente George W.. Bush to appear at event for Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, opponent of Trump-backed Purdue

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The fundraiser will be held at the Texas home of real estate developer Harlan Crow, Riferito Politico. Bush is listed as a "special guest," diceva il rapporto. Tickets for a V.I.P. reception are listed at $ 15,200, wh ...

George P. Bush calls for border crisis to be declared an ‘invasionof drug cartels

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The state attorney general candidate joined "Volpe & Amici" to explain why he is declaring the surge an "invasione" perpetrated by drug cartels and traffickers. He called on Gov. Greg Abbott and Attorney General K...

Kilmeade: George Orwell’s dystopian society becoming a reality with Biden’s latest action

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BRIAN KILMEADE: In his classic novel "1984," George Orwell warned the world of the dangers of government addicted to power. One where the narrative was controlled by the state and the people were forced to bend a kne...

Derek Chauvin fa appello alla sua condanna per omicidio per la morte di George Floyd

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L'ex poliziotto di Minneapolis Derek Chauvin ha chiesto alla Corte d'Appello statale di revocare la sua condanna per il 2020 omicidio di George Floyd, secondo un ricorso depositato lunedì. L'archivio di 82 pagine elenca mor...

Derek Chauvin cerca un nuovo processo per la morte di George Floyd

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In una memoria di 82 pagine depositata lunedì, L'avvocato di Chauvin, William Mohrman, ha sostenuto che era impossibile per il suo cliente ottenere un processo equo a Minneapolis nel clima teso che circonda il procedimento e il pre-trattamento..

Eddie George angling for shot at alma mater Ohio State

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Fast-forward a couple of decades, and George is still just as aggressive, but now for scheduling instead of scampering. Entering his second season as head coach of HBCU Tennessee State, George is seeking to add NCAA ...

Paul George out for Clippersplay-in game vs. pellicani

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George entered the league’s health and safety protocols. Lawrence Frank, the team’s president of basketball operations, announced the forward’s status hours before tip-off. The winner of the game will gain the No. 8 ...

‘Facts of Life’ star Lisa Whelchel talks forgetting she kissed George Clooney, relying on faith in Hollywood

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L'attrice, che ha recitato in "I fatti della vita," worked alongside George Clooney, who played handyman George Burnett in the show from 1985 per 1987. While Whelchel admitted she didn’t remember their smooch for the sit...