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European countries believed that Germany would always have spare ICU beds for them. Now they’re almost full

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Potsdam, Germany Germany was seen as a beacon for other European countries during the first coronavirus wave and hailed for one of the world's best health care systems. But it is now beginning to struggle with more s...

Por lo menos 6 killed in Germany as flooding caused by rainfall ‘not seen in 100 años’ hits Europe

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Torrential rain has caused severe floods in several western European countries, including Germany -- where at least six people have died -- as well as in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Two firefighters are...

Germany links Covid-19 outbreak at ski resort to US citizen who failed to quarantine

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A coronavirus outbreak at a popular Bavarian ski resort has been linked to a US citizen working at a lodge operated by the US Army, German authorities said Monday. The state prosecution service in Munich said it had...

Germany to go into national lockdown over Christmas to stem surge in Covid-19 cases

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Berlin Germany will go into a "difícil" national lockdown, starting next week and continuing through the Christmas period, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday, after agreeing to stricter measures with state gove...

At least two dead and several injured in Germany after car hits pedestrians, la policía dice

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At least two people have been killed and several injured in Germany after a car was driven into a pedestrian zone in the town of Trier, according to the local police force. Police in the western German town said on ...

Former Trump national security adviser says withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan and Germany is a mistake

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President Donald Trump's former national security adviser H.R. McMaster on Sunday said the withdrawal of US troops from places like Afghanistan and Germany are "mistakes" from a long-term national security perspecti...

Russian missile drill triggers false alarm at US military base in Germany

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A Russian military exercise triggered an unusual warning at a critical US military base in Germany on Saturday that ballistic missiles had been launched, according to multiple US defense officials. The warning at R...

Philippines offers to let nurses work in Britain and Germany in exchange for coronavirus vaccines

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The Philippines will let thousands of its health care workers, mostly nurses, take up jobs in Britain and Germany if the two countries agree to donate coronavirus vaccines, a senior official said on Tuesday. Britain...

Trump denuncia la exención de Nord Stream, golpea a Alemania por usar la protección de EE. UU. ya que "nos joden al comercio’

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El presidente Trump explicó que fue el primero en detener la construcción del oleoducto ya que EE. UU.. ya protege fuertemente a Alemania a través de la OTAN. TRUMP RAILES CONTRA EL INGENIO DE LA CUMBRE "BUEN DÍA PARA RUSIA" DE BIDEN..

Female Nazi concentration camp secretary charged with complicity in 10,000 murders in Germany

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Berlin A former secretary from the Stutthof Nazi concentration camp has been charged with complicity in the murders of 10,000 gente, German prosecutors said Friday, in what is a rare case involving an alleged female...

Alemania acorta el calentamiento olímpico con acusaciones de racismo

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Los jugadores abandonaron el campo junto con cinco minutos restantes de juego después de que Torunarigha fuera "insultado racialmente," dijo la federación alemana de fútbol en Twitter. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . "Si uno ...

France and Germany ‘seeking full clarityfrom US and Denmark on spying report

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France and Germany are "seeking full clarity" on a report claiming that one of Denmark's intelligence agencies helped the United States spy on several senior European officials, including German Chancellor Angela Me...

Germany vs. Francia: ‘Kick out oilprotester parachutes into Allianz Arena stadium ahead of Euro 2020 partido

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A protester parachuted into Munich's Allianz Arena moments before the start of the Euro 2020 match between Germany and France on Tuesday, injuring several people who were hospitalized, according to European football...

Blinken’s show of unity with NATO and Europe shadowed by disagreement over gas pipeline between Russia and Germany

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Washington Secretary of State Antony Blinken repeated his warning Wednesday that the US will consider sanctions if work on a gas pipeline between Russian and Germany is completed and certified -- a sole note of disco...

In world first, Germany convicts Syrian regime officer of crimes against humanity

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Berlin A German court has convicted a former Syrian regime officer for crimes against humanity, in a first-ever trial of people linked to the government in Damascus. Former intelligence officer Eyad al-Gharib, 44, w ...

Police in Germany and Belgium make Europe’s biggest ever cocaine bust, worth billions of euros

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Authorities in Germany and Belgium seized more than 23,000 kilogramos (50,700 libras) de cocaína, worth billions of dollars, in an international operation that resulted in one arrest, officials said Wednesday, callin...

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