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‘Groep’ Dem Cori Bush to Joe Manchin: Fall in line or ‘get out of our way

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Manchin said Sunday he won't support the sweeping election overhaul reform because it's too partisan and would further divide the country – earning the wrath of the most liberal members of Congress. MANCHIN BREAKS F...

Montana Gov. Gianforte backs decision to cap extended unemployment benefits: Time to ‘get back to work’

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GIANFORTE: We've had a terrific response. Jy weet, we were paying people to stay home, which was appropriate during the midst of the pandemic. And as you know, we were the first state to remove these supplemental be...

Rep. Jong Kim na Biden, Harris na grensbesoek: ‘Kry jou boude daar buite en sien dit self’

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JONG KIM: Ek het afgegaan na die grens in Texas, die suidelike grens. Ek het ook afgegaan na die grens tussen Kalifornië en Mexiko. Wat ek gesien het, is beslis die veiligheidskrisis en die humanitêre krisis. Ons het 'n krisis ...

Florida gas station clerk rescues bloodied, kidnapped woman, had to ‘get her safe into the store with me

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Rachel Craddock told FOX Tampa Bay that she was working on Sunday afternoon when a man accused of beating and forcing a woman inside a vehicle stopped at the Citgo gas station in Inverness, geleë 76 miles north of ...

Hawley: Facebook board’s Trump ban proves its time to ‘get seriouson antitrust action

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Hawley and other Republicans slammed Facebook after its oversight board – an independent body with binding authority over its content decisions – affirmed the company’s decision to suspend Trump following the Jan. 6 ...

CNN se Chris Cuomo beweer dat hy ''n voorkeur moet kry’ vir sitplek by restaurante omdat hy ingeënt is

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Die liberale anker het tydens die oorgang van sy show na CNN-anker Don Lemon's aangevoer dat mense aangemoedig moet word met bykomende voordele om ingeënt te word, vergelyk dit met die betaling van kinders om 'n beter graad te kry ...

Philippine foreign minister tells China to ‘Get the F**k Outover South China Sea dispute

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The Philippine foreign minister on Monday demanded in an expletive-laced Twitter message that China's vessels get out of disputed waters, the latest exchange in a war of words with Beijing over the South China Sea. T ...

Waters calls for protesters to ‘get more confrontationalif no guilty verdict is reached in Derek Chauvin trial

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Washington Rep. Maxine Waters on Saturday night called for protesters to "stay on the street" en "get more confrontational" if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin is acquitted in the killing of George Fl...

Republicans slam Maxine Waters for telling protesters to ‘get more confrontationalover Chauvin trial

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Brooklyn Center, Minnesota has become a flashpoint for protests after the fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright. Waters was there on Saturday night. MAXINE WATERS URGES MINNESOTA ANTI-POLICE CROWD TO ‘STAY ON THE ST...

Jim Jordan calls out Fauci on ‘Ingraham Angle’: Tell us when we ‘get our rights back

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"In what world does an unelected bureaucrat get to tell American citizens when we can exercise our God-given liberties, when we can exercise our constitutional rights, our First Amendment rights?" Jordan asked Laura ...

Fauci verwag Johnson & Johnson COVID-19-entstof sal 'weer op dreef kom’ binnekort

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Fauci se kommentaar kom 'n dag na 'n sentrum vir siektebeheer en -voorkoming (CDC) komitee het nie 'n stemming gehou oor leiding oor die steek nie. Die voedsel- en dwelmadministrasie het saam met die CDC 'n aanbeveling uitgereik..

Burgess Owens tells Biden, Harris to ‘get some backbone,’ visit border region

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Owens -- a former NFL player who was elected to his U.S. House seat last November -- toured Texas’ Rio Grande Valley region this week with six other Republicans from the House Judiciary Committee led by ranking membe...

‘Get Tammy Bruceon how MLB relocating All-Star game caused ‘extraordinarydevastation to Atlanta businesses

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"Great job, Demokrate. Great freaking job, Joe Biden," taunted Bruce. Her comments come on the heels of the MLB relocating the All-Star game to Denver, after Georgia passed a new law making voting guidelines more str...

Fauci: US Covid-19 vaccine distribution will ‘get better very quickly

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Washington Dr. Anthony Fauci vowed Monday evening that US Covid-19 vaccine distribution will "get better very quickly" as the Biden administration rolls out a series of measures aimed at ramping up inoculation. "Obv...

‘Antebellumhas a ‘Get Outvibe, but doesn’t live up to its twist

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"Antebellum" is built around a provocative twist, and it's a good one -- as well as one that definitely shouldn't be spoiled even a little. Once that revelation is absorbed, egter, the movie becomes less distincti...