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Rising USFL star Scooby Wright III was preparing to be firefighter before getting drafted

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Through four games, the Stallions are undefeated. Wright has recorded 32 aanpak, two sacks, two forced fumbles and two passes defended to help Birmingham. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Scooby Wrig...

Fran Drescher recalls getting Elton John on ‘The Nanny

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The 64-year-old actress admitted in an interview with USA Today that it took almost two years to get the musician to agree to a cameo. "It took me a year or two get him on the show. I was always an Elton John AIDS Fo...

The national baby formula shortage is getting worse and parents are desperate for it to end

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Bryan Lambillotte knows the anxiety-induced hunt for baby formula all too well amid the ongoing national shortage. He and his husband Chris are new parents to 2-month-old twins Brecon and London, who have been form...

MLB umpire leaves White Sox-Red Sox game after getting hit in mask with foul ball

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Ron Kulpa was working as the home plate umpire at Boston's Fenway Park when White Sox third baseman Jake Burger hit a foul ball, which connected with Kulpa straight in his face mask. Kulpa, 53, was seen dropping to ...

Opinion: What Biden and nearly everyone else is getting wrong on student debt

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Nicole Hemmer is 'n mede-navorser aan die Columbia Universiteit by die Obama Presidency Oral History Project en die skrywer van "Boodskappers van die Regse: Conservative Media and the Transformation of American P ...

Maria Bartiromo on shrinking US economy: Recession cries ‘getting louder

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AMERICANS GRADE PRESIDENT BIDEN AS INFLATION HITS A 40-YEAR RECORD HIGH MARIA BARTIROMO: Inflation is out of control, 40-year high, and that is one of the issues that's making things so much more expensive and hard t...

Laura Ingraham: The left’s control over Washington is getting shakier

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LAURA INGRAHAM: Twitter, it's in Elon Musk's hands. Can you believe it? Nou, he literally had to come up with $ 44 billion to make a stand for free speech. So, Ek weet nie, his philosophy seems pretty straightforwa...

Billie Eilish face-plants before ‘Getting OlderCoachella performance

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The 20-year-old pop star took a fall during her headlining performance at Coachella’s weekend two. As Eilish was preparing to perform her hit song, "Getting Older", she fell directly on her face. "I just ate s--t," B..

Dwayne Haskins was stranded on Florida highway, getting gas when he was struck by a truck, 911 call reveals

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Audio obtained by South Florida sports journalist Andy Slater reveals the heartbreaking concern Kalabrya Haskins had for her husband when on April 9 he hadn’t returned any of her calls for several minutes after initi...

Gutfeld: Nothing says tough on crime like getting an endorsement from a murderer

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But you should consider yourself lucky and grateful. And not just because you're watching a former Calvin Klein underwear model who also happens to be the king of late night. Although you should be. Gratitude matter...

Cautious coronavirus voices in media getting left behind as more outlets signal return to normal

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In hierdie geval, it was in the headline of a piece last week from left-wing columnist Wajahat Ali, scolding those who were "verby" coronavirus that the pandemic wasn't over and that he was right about it being too soon t...

Air Force vet targeted by Big Tech says country is facing a ‘seriouscensorship problem: ‘It’s getting worse

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"We need to be calling them out on this censorship," Gretchen Smith told "Amerika verslae" host John Roberts. "We all have a right as Americans to have a voice, to have an opinion…right now our country is in the wron...

Northwestern star Veronica Burton receives call from Tom Brady after getting drafted by Wings

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Tom Brady called Burton to congratulate her on making it to the pros. Burton is a Newton, Massachusetts, inheems. Brady told her he knew her father from his time with the New England Patriots. Steve Burton is a report...

Border crisis ‘upending American way of lifeand getting worse, Heritage Foundation warns

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SY. TESTER BEES LATEST DEMOCRAT TO OPPOSE BIDEN MOVE TO END TITLE 42 "When you visit the border, as I've done many times, and you talk to mayors and county officials, but most of all regular Americans, you realize t...

Donald Trump is getting richer again

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Meer as 14 months after leaving office -- and while still contesting the 2020 verkiesing -- former President Donald Trump has seen his net worth soar to $ 3 miljard, according to brand new numbers from Forbes. When...

Meghan King, Joe Biden’s nephew Cuffe Biden Owens are getting an annulment: ‘It was like an arranged marriage

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Die vorige "Regte Huisvroue van Orange County" star appeared on Jeff Lewis’ SiriusXM radio show and revealed she’s seeking an annulment following her whirlwind marriage to President Joe Biden’s nephew, Cuffe Biden Owe...

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