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Paul Pierce calls out Ben Simmons for getting kicked out of practice

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Pierce notably played under 76ers head coach Doc Rivers for years in Boston and knows how he is in practice. Rivers dismissed Simmons from last Tuesday’s practice for being disengaged, and Pierce didn’t hold back on ...

‘It’s absolutely getting worse’: Secretaries of state targeted by Trump election lies live in fear for their safety and are desperate for protection

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"I am a hunter -- and I think you should be hunted," a woman can be heard saying in a voicemail left for Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in September. "You will never be safe in Arizona again." Or there's the...

Dad’s way of getting son’s attention is the TikTok every parent needs to see

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Marine veteran and dad of three Devonte Bennett Bey said the way parents try to make a point to their children "Isn't something we talk about or think about." But recently he's been trying a new tactic - getting on t...

Dave Chappelle showing no signs of getting canceled after sold-out show in London

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According to a report from Variety, the comic played to a sold-out crowd in London on Wednesday night and told the audience he plans to take "Cuanto más cerca" on the road if it gets pulled from Netflix. Attendees claimed ...

T’WolvesAnthony Edwards implores Rockets to call timeout after getting hot

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Edwards finished with 29 puntos, six rebounds, three assists and a steal in 31 minutes during the Timberwolves’ 124-106 victory over the Houston Rockets. Toward the end of the first half, Edwards nailed one of his si...

‘Aquamanstar Jason Momoa sustained multiple injuries while reprising his role: ‘I’m getting old

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Momoa, 42, confirmed the rumors that he'd injured himself while on the set of "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom" during an appearance on Monday's episode of "The Ellen Show." Jason Momoa confirmed that he did s...

The fight between Joe Manchin and Bernie Sanders over the Biden agenda is getting very, very personal

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There's an unwritten rule in the Senate that no senator from your own party should try to mess with you in your state. Which is what makes what Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders did on Friday very interesting -- and poten...

La clamidia está tan extendida entre los koalas que se vacunan

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Sobre 400 Los koalas australianos serán vacunados contra la clamidia como parte de un ensayo que los investigadores esperan que pueda desempeñar un papel importante en la supervivencia a largo plazo de los animales.. Clamidia, una transexual ....

A statue of civil rights leader Mary McLeod Bethune is getting a place in the US Capitol. She’s replacing a Confederate general

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A larger-than-life marble statue of civil rights pioneer Mary McLeod Bethune is replacing one of a Confederate general in the US Capitol's Statuary Hall. The daughter of former slaves, Bethune became an influential ...

A man died after getting attacked by bystanders when he drove his car onto a sidewalk in attempts to strike pedestrians

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A man died after driving onto a sidewalk in attempts to strike pedestrians before bystanders pulled him out of the car and allegedly attacked him in California Saturday. The driver was involved in a verbal altercati...

Alex Rodríguez se burló de haber sido alimentado con palomitas de maíz en el Super Bowl: "Quizás por eso estoy soltero’

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Los comentaristas comentaban sobre los Tampa Bay Rays comiendo palomitas de maíz en el banquillo en la tercera entrada de su enfrentamiento de la ALDS contra los Medias Rojas de Boston.. Randy Arozarena, Nelson Cruz y otros jugadores de los Rays estaban sentados..

La leyenda de la NFL, Joe Montana, cree que Tom Brady podría jugar hasta que 60: "Casi nunca lo golpean’

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Un miembro del Salón de la Fama de la NFL cree que Brady, 44, podría jugar aún más. El mariscal de campo de los Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tom Brady, es entrevistado en el campo después de la 2021 Juego de Super Bowl con los Kansas City Chiefs en Tam ...

Libraries are getting rid of late fees. Here’s why that’s a good thing

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Library fines can creep up suddenly -- hold onto a book for too long, and you can face at least $ 10 o $ 15 in late fees. Algunas veces, that's all it takes to block someone's access to books, the internet and the m...

For the billionth time: Senate Democrats aren’t getting rid of the filibuster

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It's like Charlie Brown, Lucy and the football. Every few weeks, someone -- or several someones -- within the Democratic party suggest that its Party's senators are totally fed up with Republican opposition to [pick...

Michigan State, Penn State getting big boost from transfers

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Wake Forest transfer Kenneth Walker took a handoff, made a move around a defender and raced down the left sideline for a 75-yard touchdown against Northwestern. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Walker and C...

Schumer warns on debt ceiling: ‘It’s not too late, but it’s getting dangerously close

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer warned on Tuesday that action must be taken soon to avert a debt limit crisis, saying in a floor speech, "it's not too late, but it's getting dangerously close," as a key deadlin...

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