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'El cinco’ on Biden getting tough questions about Afghanistan withdrawal

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JESSE AGUAS, ANFITRIÓN DE NOTICIAS DE FOX: Hola, todos. I'm Jesse Watters along with Dagen McDowell, Geraldo Rivera, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. What are you doing? Es 5:00 en la ciudad de Nueva York y esto es "El cinco." The s...

Los ganadores del Emmy Kate Winslet, Las celebraciones de Jason Sudeikis incluirán emborracharse’ y emitir llamadas de Zoom

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Después de que el espectáculo llegó a su fin, muchos de los mayores ganadores de la noche llegaron a la sala de prensa detrás del escenario donde respondieron preguntas de periodistas que aparecieron virtualmente. Una pregunta común hecha? Cómo "Yegua de Easttown ...

Biden admin’s Covid plans getting hammered in courts: Jonathan Turley

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Turley said the court rulings have amounted to "quite a litany of losses" as the Democratic president issues his responses to the omicron variant and other issues related to the coronavirus. BIDEN HIT WITH STRING OF ...

Gloria Estefan and family getting ‘Red Table Talk

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We are getting a new "Charla de mesa roja" franquicia. "Charla de mesa roja: The Estefans" premieres Wednesday at noon ET and 9 soy. PT on Facebook Watch. Grammy-winning music legend Gloria Estefan, her daughter and fellow mus...

Rural Alaska is getting Covid-19 vaccinations right. Here’s what the rest of the US can learn

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The immovable challenges of living in Alaska would, in theory, make it a nightmare to vaccinate all of its 731,000-plus residents: It's the largest state in the US in terms of land size, has some of the most extreme...

Two brothers were wrongfully convicted of rape and murder. Por poco 40 años después, they are getting $75 million in compensation

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A federal jury has awarded $ 75 million to two brothers in North Carolina, decades after they were convicted of rape and murder they did not commit. Leon Brown and Henry McCollum were arrested in 1983 and spent ne...

Washington state approves offering free marijuana joints to those getting the Covid vaccine

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Add free weed to the list of incentives being offered to people to encourage them to get vaccinated against Covid. Officials at the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) on Monday gave state licensed cann...

Alex Rodriguez spotted getting off private jet with friend Melanie Collins amid lavish birthday celebration

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The duo was snapped in casual travel outfits as they arrived on the island after turning heads together while in St. Tropez last week. He sported white sweatpants, white sneakers and a white T-shirt while she opted f...

Alex Rodríguez se burló de haber sido alimentado con palomitas de maíz en el Super Bowl: "Quizás por eso estoy soltero’

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Los comentaristas comentaban sobre los Tampa Bay Rays comiendo palomitas de maíz en el banquillo en la tercera entrada de su enfrentamiento de la ALDS contra los Medias Rojas de Boston.. Randy Arozarena, Nelson Cruz y otros jugadores de los Rays estaban sentados..

Influencers are using their clout and getting paid to promote Covid best practices for New Jersey

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Consider it a uniquely 2020 public service announcement. A woman in a pretty yet understated dress. The wind catches her perfectly curled blonde hair as she stands in front of a gleaming car and aspirational home. T ...

Fox SportsJeff Gordon tested positive for COVID-19 after getting vaccine

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"I’ve been in quarantine, but the good news is it was smooth, and I had minimal symptoms and good to go for Martinsville this weekend," Gordon told SiriusXM NASCAR Radio’s "On Track" show. The NASCAR Cup Series was o...

Derrocado 'soltero’ El presentador Chris Harrison fue visto disfrutando de la vida social en Texas después de ser cancelado: fuente

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Harrison, un nativo de Dallas, Recientemente regresó a sus raíces después de mudarse de Los Ángeles.. La medida alimentó los rumores de que se iría del "Soltero" franquicia meses antes de que él realmente lo hiciera después de ser atacado en un ...

It’s not your imagination. Weather and climate disasters have been getting more frequent since the ’70s

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An extreme weather event or climate disaster has occurred every day, de media, somewhere in the world over the last 50 años, marking a five-fold increase over that period, a new UN analysis shows. Each extreme we...

Jesse Watters exposes corruption in Washington: Voters are getting ‘hosed

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JESSE AGUAS: In another speech in Jersey this week, Joe Biden wraps, coughs into his hand, and then starts shaking other people’s hands. Media’s silent. No masks, media dead silent. But make sure you have to mask ...

Are we getting weirder? Perhaps we’re simply becoming ourselves

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Normally reserved and conservatively dressed, my friend was outfitted in a strange mishmash of colorful wigs and Hawaiian shirts and a sequined gown. Her boyfriend was equally festively donned for New Year's Eve. T ...

Tallulah Willis is getting married

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Tallulah Willis is engaged. The daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis announced the news on her Instagram on Tuesday evening. Willis will be marrying filmmaker Dillon Buss. Willis shared a close-up video of the ...

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