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Study seeks origins of Hawaii’s dangerous ghost nets

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Lost or discarded at sea, sometimes decades ago, this fishing gear continues to wreak havoc on marine life and coral reefs in Hawaii. Ahora, researchers are doing detective work to trace this harmful debris back to fis...

Justice Department proposes new regulation on firearm definitions that targets ‘ghost guns

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The Justice Department will propose a rule that seeks to reclassify the definition of a firearm to close the regulatory loophole associated with producing unmarked weapons, conocido como "ghost guns." "This proposed rule...

Biden to target ‘ghost guns,’ stabilizing braces in new gun control actions

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The president will detail several initiatives to be achieved through a mix of executive and legislative action, the official told reporters. Biden will call on the Department of Justice to issue proposed rules to sto...

"El fantasma de la B": El espectro del descenso acecha al gigante del fútbol sudamericano Colo-Colo

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Lo impensable podría estar a punto de suceder. Club de fútbol chileno Colo-Colo, el club más grande y exitoso del país, se enfrenta al descenso de la primera división por primera vez en sus 96 años de historia. Thoug ...

Ghost boat carrying 1,400 pounds of cocaine washes up on remote Pacific island

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A small, unassuming boat washed up on a remote island in the Pacific last week carrying no passengers -- but loaded with around 1,430 libras (649 kg) de cocaína. The 18-foot (5.4-meter) fiberglass vessel was discove...

Feds raid ‘ghost gunmaker whose products they say are linked to ‘hundreds of crimes

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Primero, there was a home-invasion-style robbery in April 2019 that resulted in a triple homicide. Three months ago, a pair of sheriff's deputies were shot while sitting in their patrol car. And just last month, a 2...

‘Don’t end up a real ghost,’ South Korean officials warn, fearing a Halloween coronavirus resurgence

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(Reuters)South Korean officials are stepping up efforts to ensure locals stick to social distancing guidelines during Halloween, warning this year's party "could really turn scary" as it tries to avoid another resur...

‘Ghostfrog not seen for 80 years rediscovered in desert hot spring

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Chilean scientists have rediscovered a species of frog last seen more than 80 hace años que, prompting new calls for the conservation of its habitat in the far-flung Chilean desert. Scientists relocated the diminutive Ha...