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Gianno Caldwell pas 'n beloning van $15 000 op vir inligting in Chicago se skietery van sy broer: 'Ek gaan nie ophou nie’

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Meer as 'n maand het verloop sedert Caldwell se jongste broer Christian, is noodlottig op die geskiet 11400 blok van South Vincenneslaan, tog was daar geen arrestasies of ander verwikkelinge in die saak sedert sy dood nie. "Ek ...

Fox News contributor Gianno Caldwell lays brother, killed in Chicago, to rest: ‘The flame has been ignited

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Mourners gathered at the Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park, a suburb of Chicago, from across the country to celebrate Christian's life. In his eulogy, Caldwell began by quoting Martin Luther King Jr.: "Inju...

Funeral today for Gianno Caldwell’s teen brother, saying ‘the grieving process has started’

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GIANNO CALDWELL: I woke up today with my heart feeling like it was beating out of my chest. I have not been able to grieve because I've been focusing on meticulously planning a funeral and fighting for justice for Ch...

Gianno Caldwell: My brother’s death can’t ‘mean nothing,’ we have to ‘push back on soft-on-crime policies

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GIANNO CALDWELL: We talk about what's going on in Ukraine, the show has been a lot about Ukraine, but no one in the national leadership or even local leadership is talking about the slaughter that takes place on the ...

Gianno Caldwell on murder of brother in Chicago: ‘My family is paying the pricefor soft-on-crime policies

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GIANNO CALDWELL: Well Sean I come here tonight as a man who feels shattered. My baby brother just turned 18. He was a good kid. And certainly knowing that living in Chicago seemingly comes with a price these days I n...

Fox News analyst Gianno Caldwell rips Chicago’s ‘soft-on-crimepolices as brother’s killer remains at large

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A Chicago Police Department spokesperson told Fox News Digital that there were no updates available as of Monday morning and that nobody was in custody in connection to the shooting death of Caldwell’s 18-year-old br...

Fox News’s Gianno Caldwell shares tragic news of his teenage brother’s murder in Chicago

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Caldwell, who joined the network in 2017 and also runs a bipartisan consulting firm, said his brother was the latest victim of Chicago's crime wave. Caldwell broke the news of the tragedy on Twitter early Saturday mo...