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Newt Gingrich: The truth about Georgia’s voting law and the mainstream media’s lies

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Since the bill was signed by Gov. Brian Kemp on March 25, we have heard from the media about how the bill would supposedly outlaw providing food and water to people standing in line to vote. As Democratic strategist ...

Gingrich: Kamala Harris put in charge of border ‘because they knew she wouldn’t do anything

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KAMALA HARRIS SE HA IDO 19 DAYS WITHOUT A NEWS CONFERENCE SINCE BEING TAPPED FOR BORDER CRISIS ROLE NEWT GINGRICH: If you look at a piece of history, sometimes the obvious is accurate. They wanted Harris to be in char...

Gingrich: ‘Very dangerous timewith police being vilified, especially for minorities

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Gingrich told host Sean Hannity that such danger is especially true in minority communities, where statistically there has been the most exponential increase in violent crime rates as police are either prevented from...

Gingrich says Maxine Waters, far left becoming more radical: ‘Why should we tolerate violence?’

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JINGRICH: 'VERY DANGEROUS TIME' WITH POLICE BEING VILIFIED, ESPECIALLY FOR MINORITIES NEWT GINGRICH: As a civilization you either provide safety or you dissolve. And we’ve had with both Rashida Tlaib, who called for ...

Newt Gingrich: Repudiate Tlaib and Waters – here’s how their support for mob rule endangers Americans

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Específicamente, Repeticiones. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and Rashida Tlaib, D-me., have recently acted in ways that reflect unfavorably on the House of Representatives and betray their oaths to uphold and defend the Constituti...

Blue states are ‘hemorrhaging people, shoving them awayas Dems continue to raise taxes: Newt Gingrich

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NEWT GINGRICH: There are deeper things going on as you point out, the blue states are hemorrhaging people, shoving them away and what’s crazy is in the middle of all of this, the answer of the liberals is to raise ta...

Newt Gingrich: Beware Biden’s hidden tax increase

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Remember that inflation is a hidden tax. It is a powerful (and often unseen and unstoppable) way for a government to pay for its goods and services without raising visible taxes that make people angry. Warren Buffett...

Newt and Callista Gingrich: Armed Forces Day – celebrate the heroes who serve in our US military

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Mayo 15, 2021 is the 71st anniversary of the establishment of Armed Forces Day. This commemorative holiday was established by President Harry Truman in 1950 following the passage of the National Security Act in 1947....

Newt Gingrich: DC vs. the rest of Americaa major political hurricane is building outside the Beltway

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Washington reality reflects the narcissistic self-absorption of the Imperial Capital. Reps. Liz Cheney’s fate consumes days and days of gossip and speculation. Is her dismissal as House Republican Conference Chair a ...

Newt Gingrich: Waging war – how a group called the Bomber Mafia changed the role of air power

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Throughout history, the process of imposing one’s will on the battlefield has been brutal and savage. But as military technology advanced during the 20th century, some military officers and strategists began wonderin...

Newt Gingrich: The woke left and media allies are on the attack but Americans of all races remain patriotic

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The greatest dangers facing the Democrats in 2022 y 2024 are their radical wing’s constant outbursts of public anti-Americanism and their "despertó" efforts to coerce Americans into accepting ideas they don’t believe –...

Gingrich: China mintió al mundo sobre COVID, debería afrontar nuevas tarifas

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EL SENADO AVANZA MEDIDA QUE LIMITA LOS FONDOS DE LOS CONTRIBUYENTES PARA EL INSTITUTO DE VIROLOGÍA WUHAN DE CHINA NEWT GINGRICH: Los chinos le han mentido a la Organización Mundial de la Salud, le han mentido al planeta. Ahora han cerrado el ...

Newt Gingrich: Reflexiones del Día de los Caídos: estos son los sacrificios que aseguran que la nación perdure, prospera

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Mi padre entró en la Segunda Guerra Mundial como soldado alistado y luego fue al Gettysburg College a través del proyecto de ley GI.. En la escuela se unió al Cuerpo de Entrenamiento de Oficiales de Reserva, o ROTC, y descubrí que sirviendo en el uniforme.

Callista y Newt Gingrich: Remembering D-Day – they risked everything in biggest gamble of World War II

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En Junio 6, 1941, más que 156,0000 allied forces launched from the sea onto the beaches of Normandy. Por poco 7,000 allied ships commanded the French coastline, and more than 3,200 aircraft dominated the skies. A few ...

Newt Gingrich: America’s last WW2 veterans – here are their honest, inspiring and heartbreaking stories

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When Drago was done speaking, Biggio, a veteran himself who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, asked his neighbor to sign the rifle. The young Marine always wanted to remember those precious hours. Thus began Biggio’s ...

Newt Gingrich: Biden-Putin summit – what Russian leader’s Soviet-KGB mindset means for relations with US

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I was on a congressional delegation visiting Moscow when Boris Yeltsin was president and the West had great hopes for a more open, democratic Russia. I went to see the then-vice president, who was an air force genera...

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