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Breyer retirement gives Biden chance to fill High Court vacancy

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A source close to Breyer told Fox News that the justice will step down at the end of the current Supreme Court term early this summer. Liberal activists were calling for the 83-year-old justice to retire soon after B...

Thailand gives green light to growing cannabis at home

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Thailand's narcotics board on Tuesday said it would remove cannabis from its drugs list, paving the way for households to grow the plant. Thailand became the first Southeast Asian country to legalize marijuana in 201...

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Keanu Reeves, is ’embarrassedby his fortune, gives money away his friend says

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L'attore, who had a role in "Something’s Got to Give" may have around $ 315 million according to some estimates. Così, after being hit by a slew of tragedies, he’s made it a life mission to spread the wealth. JEFF...

Cardinali’ Budda Baker gives update after scary collision with RamsCam Akers

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Panettiere, 26, took to social media early Tuesday morning to give an update on his condition after he was ruled out of the game with a concussion. PEYTON MANNING CAUGHT IN HOT-MIC MOMENT DURING RAMS-CARDINALS PLAYOFF GA...

NFL’s officiating exec gives puzzling explanation on erroneous whistle during Bengals touchdown

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Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow made an incredible touchdown pass to Tyler Boyd to help put the team up two touchdowns before halftime. Burrow scrambled to his right and threw across his body to connect with Boyd in t...

‘Ray Donovan: Il film’ gives the show another crack at tying up loose ends

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Two years after its abrupt cancellation without an actual ending, "Ray Donovan" gets the chance to clean up another mess with "Ray Donovan: Il film," designed to provide the closure that longtime viewers lacked. T ...

numero mondiale. 1 speedskater Erin Jackson is going to Beijing 2022 after teammate gives up place

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The world's No. 1 ranked speedskater Erin Jackson is headed to the Beijing Olympics after her friend and teammate gave up her spot after a slip during qualifying trials cost Jackson a place in the team. Jackson fai...

Team USA’s Brittany Bowe gives up 500 spot to Erin Jackson: ‘This is bigger than just me

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Jackson, the world’s top-ranked speedskater in the event, slipped in the U.S. speedskating trials in Milwaukee allowing Bowe and Kimi Goetz to take the top two spots. The rules didn’t allow Jackson to re-skate. CLIC...

Ex-Giants great Tiki Barber gives grim evaluation of team’s situation

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The Giants have only made the playoffs twice since losing in the divisional round after the 2008 regular season. They won the 2012 Super Bowl and lost a wild-card game after the 2016 regular season. Since the Tom Co...

‘Yellowjacketstakes our ’90s nostalgia and gives it fangs

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Sara Stewart è una scrittrice cinematografica e culturale che vive nella Pennsylvania occidentale. Le opinioni qui espresse sono esclusivamente dell'autore. Visualizza altri articoli di opinione sulla CNN. (Nota: Some spoilers follow for the episodes of "...

Ashley Graham dà alla luce due gemelli a casa: «Felice e in salute’

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Graham, 34, e suo marito Justin Ervin sono già genitori del figlio di 23 mesi, Isaac. "Justin ed io siamo così eccitati che i nostri bambini siano qui," Graham ha annunciato sulla sua Instagram Story. "Sono nati presto...

Manhattan DA gives many misdemeanors a pass even as new mayor vows to combat growing crime

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Alvin Bragg, a former federal prosecutor sworn in as Manhattan District Attorney on Jan. 1, sent guidance to his office calling for the "decriminalization/non prosecution" for crimes including marijuana possession, t ...

New Orleans hospital gives out overdose reversal drug for free after year of record-high deaths

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Health officials are now working to increase public access to the overdose reversal drug naloxone, commonly known as Narcan. Without a prescription, Narcan can cost over $ 100 at the pharmacy, but now a hospital in ...

Dave Doeren di NC State dà alla NCAA un nuovo significato dopo il dramma del gioco delle bocce: «Nessun indizio’

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Il branco di lupi avrebbe dovuto giocare all'UCLA nell'Holiday Bowl, ma i Bruin avevano a che fare con problemi di COVID-19, che ha portato a una cancellazione dell'ultimo minuto martedì. Doeren credeva che NC. Lo stato avrebbe dovuto ricevere il suo decimo wi...

The other gift Jesus gives us at Christmas

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Do you know what this gift is? Maybe the assumption here is that the gift we’re talking about is birth of Christ. His birth is the sole focus of this glorious celebration we call Christmas, Dopotutto. But there is a...