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COP26 draft Glasgow Agreement strengthens language on 1.5 degrees warming

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Glasgow, Scotland A draft of the Glasgow Agreement published on Wednesday includes language acknowledging that the world should be aiming to limit global warming to 1.5 grade Celsius, which could be a first step in...

Rep. Khanna says Biden told Dems reconciliation agreement a must before Glasgow conference: ‘I need this

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The progressive congressman was confident that a deal will be made in the near future, as lawmakers continue to negotiate terms for the reconciliation bill that was initially valued at $ 3.5 triljoen. NY TIMES' TOM...

Obama to travel to Glasgow for UN climate summit

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Former President Barack Obama will travel to Glasgow next month for a UN climate summit and will meet with young activists and deliver remarks putting the threat of the climate crisis into broader context, an Obama ...

Broncos’ Graham Glasgow hospitalized after heart issues during game vs. Reuse

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Fangio said that Glasgow "had an irregular heartbeat going" during the game. The offensive lineman reportedly left MetLife Stadium in an ambulance following the team’s 27-13 victory over the Giants. KLIK HIER VIR MO ...

Koningin Elizabeth II sal die VN-gesprekke oor klimaatsverandering in Glasgow bywoon

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Londen, Brittanje se koningin Elizabeth II sal hierdie herfs 'n kernkonferensie van die Verenigde Nasies se klimaatverandering in Glasgow bywoon, het organiseerders Vrydag in 'n twiet gesê, ’n koninklike hupstoot aan die geleentheid gee. Die Verenigde Koninkryk is ho ...