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Glenn Greenwald deel sy eie gewelddadige roofverhaal na die wrede huisinval in die Kaliforniese familie

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Greenwald het gesê hy het besluit om sy storie te deel nadat hy 'n verslag gelees het oor hoe 'n Asiatiese egpaar van Kalifornië baie van hul lewensspaargeld gesteel en hul huis geplunder is nadat hulle deur rowers voor vasgebind is..

Glenn Ellmers sê vir Tucker Carlson 'konserwatisme' is nie meer genoeg nie: ‘Wat bly oor om te bewaar?’

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"Die konserwatiewe beweging, op 'n manier, het mense regtig in die steek gelaat," hy het gesê. "Konserwatisme ... is deesdae nie meer die regte paradigma om oor na te dink nie ... Daar het soveel gegaan, so baie van ons instellings is bekwaam ...

Cardi B slams Rep. Glenn Grothman over ‘WAPmusic video complaints

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The rapper slammed Grothman on Twitter for calling her performance with Grammy-winner Megan Thee Stallion "inconsistent with basic decency." "Wake up FCC and begin to do your job," Grothman said during a speech on th...

Glenn Close’s viral ‘Da Buttdance at 2021 Oscars was scripted: verslag doen

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During the awards ceremony on Sunday night, comedian and actor Lil Rel Howery quizzed attendees about songs that may or may not have been nominated for Oscars in the past. Die "Hillbilly Elegy" star correctly identi...

Glenn Greenwald: Supporting US-Russia relations should not be viewed as a sign you’re a “spy for the Kremlin”

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GREENWALD: The relationship between the U.S. and Russia is clearly at its low point since any time at least since the Cold War, there is little doubt about that. The reason I think is twofold. One is that during ‘Rus...

Glenn Close en Mila Kunis kan nie vinnig genoeg dans om die somber verhaal 'Four Good Days' te red nie’

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"Vier goeie dae" is slegs 'n so-so film, 'n grimmige verslawingstorie -- gebaseer op 'n stuk van Washington Post -- wat die mate waartoe 'n moeder bereid is om te ly en harde liefde uitoefen om haar kind te red. Sê ma ...

Rocker Glenn Danzig says cancel culture will prevent a new ‘punk rock explosion

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The Misfits frontman turned filmmaker spoke with Rolling Stone about his upcoming movie "Death Rider in the House of Vampires," a horror Western done in the bloody, violent style that Danzig is known for. In the int...

Businessman Glenn Youngkin captures GOP nomination for Virginia governor

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Washington Businessman Glenn Youngkin earned the Republican nomination for Virginia governor after his final opponent conceded the race while ballots were still being tabulated Monday night. A former executive at The...

Glenn Close says ‘cultupbringing left her ‘psychologically traumatized

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As a lauded actress in Hollywood, many know that the 74-year-old has been nominated for an Oscar eight times, but what's somewhat less prevalent about the star is her upbringing in a movement called Moral Re-Armament...

Glenn Greenwald: Defense budget is spent ‘spying on American citizensrather than defending the nation

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GLENN GREENWALD: It’s obviously bizarre in the sense that we’re constantly talking about our massive defense budget. We spend ten times more on defense than the next 12 countries combined. It is run through the Depar...

Glenn Greenwald accuses ‘monopolistic’ tech giants of working with governments to censor free speech

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GREENWALD: I’m against censorship in all cases. But if you have a government that’s censoring and is democratically accountable you can vote those people out of office and influence what they’re doing. Tech corporati...

Glenn Greenwald tears into CNN, Jim Acosta for questioning IG credibility: Peddling ‘outright fabrications

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Acosta aired his grievances with Interior Department Inspector General Mark Greenblatt on Thursday's episode of "Nuwe dag," questioning his credibility as a Trump appointee. Greenblatt earlier this week released a re...

'40's ster Glenn Ford, Rita Hayworth het 'n dekades lange verhouding gehad, laat akteur se seun beweer

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Die akteur het die eerste keer saam met Rita Hayworth in 1940's gespeel "Die vrou in vraag." Hulle het in verskeie ander films verskyn, 1946’s ingesluit "Gilda," wat Hayworth 'n ikoniese filmster gemaak het. Egter, Ford se seun beweer ...

Ex-Virginia gov McAuliffe fact checked for making false claims in ad against GOP challenger Glenn Youngkin

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Die advertensie, geregtig "C’mon Glenn," came under scrutiny by the Washington Post fact checker for its "misleidend" editing that makes it appear that Youngkin is praising McAuliffe’s handling of the economy in 2017, when Mc...

Glenn Loury: July Fourth 2021 – the case for unabashed Black patriotism on this Independence Day weekend

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There is a fashionable standoffishness characteristic of much elite thinking about Blacks’ relationship to America—as exemplified, byvoorbeeld, by the New York Times’s 1619 Projek. Does this posture serve the inter...

Glenn Greenwald knocks media for changing tune on Biden: They believe constantly in militarism and war

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"I actually think that one of the things that's going on here is, natuurlik, the corporate wing of the media, the liberal corporate wing, is liberal, they are attached to the Democratic Party, but with one exception,...

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