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Kamala Harris has become a ‘glorified content moderatorfor Twitter: Glenn Greenwald

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GLENN GREENWALD: It's really bizarre: l'atteggiamento verso il confine tornerà a morderli "alla grande", you can kind of mock it as the triviality that it is. She was supposed to be integrated into foreign policy to get her foreign policy bona fides. She was going t...

Knox County mayor, WWE superstar Glenn ‘KaneJacobs talks faith, politics and opportunity in the US

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Glenn Jacobs, 55, is the mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Nel 2018, the former WWE champion followed in the footsteps of Jesse Ventura and became the second WWE star to occupy a public office in the U.S. The WWE super...

Democrats blaming voters for being ‘stupidrather than acknowledge failed ideology, politiche: Glenn Greenwald

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Greenwald referenced 2016 - when Democrats struggled to grapple with Hillary Clinton's upset loss to Donald Trump - saying that instead of seeking introspect on to constructively campaign in future elections, the lef...

Glenn Close has thoughts about the ‘Fatal Attraction’ riavviare

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It was been 35 anni da allora "Fatal Attraction" hit movie theaters and the pop culture zeitgeist. Now one of its stars has some ideas for a planned television adaptation. Glenn Close talked to "Spettacolo stasera" ...

James Harden sorride mentre eccelle nel debutto dei Philadelphia 76ers dopo uno scambio di successo: Glenn Greenwald asks what the US is doing there

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GLENN GREENWALD: [W]hen we talk about neocons, we're not just talking about people who wanted to go to war in Afghanistan or wanted to go to war in Iraq. Large majorities of Americans wanted that in the wake of 9/11,...

Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia".’ Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia".

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"Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia".. Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia".," Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia". "Un bambino perso all'interno del palazzo di Playboy" Lunedi. "Glenn Greenwald chiama i media per aver cercato di "riscrivere la storia"..

Glenn Greenwald blasts NY Times, WaPo for following ‘elite-protecting script,’ painting selves as ‘victims

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In an April 2 Substack post, Greenwald began by revisiting the 2016 NOI. presidential campaign trail. The former Guardian writer turned independent journalist asserted that former candidate Hillary Clinton and her ca...

Glenn Greenwald rips Washington Post verifying Hunter Biden laptop: ‘Now when it’s safe to say it

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The Washington Post published a lengthy report on Wednesday about President Biden's son Hunter Biden's "multimillion-dollar" financial ties to the Chinese energy company CEFC China Energy. The report also acknowledge...

Glenn Greenwald questions why America hasn’t done ‘everything we couldto stop Russia-Ukraine war

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GLENN GREENWALD: One of the most striking things is this immediate climate that has arisen where there is a lockstep, unified script that everyone is required to follow, and if you don’t, you get accused of being a t...

professoressa, economist Glenn Loury candidly opens up about race relations in the US

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Il "woke-buster" voiced concerns over the claims some people assert about police specifically targeting African Americans. "The metaphor that Al Sharpton invoked at George Floyd’s funeral, ‘America take your knee ...

Glenn Greenwald: Psaki’s Rogan comments show ‘explicit strategyto coerce companies to censor speech

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Psaki said last week the White House hopes "all major tech platforms - and all major news sources for that matter - be responsible and be vigilant to ensure the American people have access to accurate information on ...

Glenn Greenwald: If liberals force Spotify to dump Joe Rogan, nobody is safe from ‘petty-tyrant tactics’

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If the left can force Spotify to abandon podcast star Joe Rogan than nobody is safe from "their petty-tyrant tactics," he argued in a new Substack. "American liberals are obsessed with finding ways to silence and cen...

CNN’s Jim Acosta compares Virginia to ‘Soviet-style police stateunder Glenn Youngkin

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During a segment on his fill-in primetime show, Acosta, while making the comparison, cited an email tip line set up by Youngkin's administration in which parents can report teachers that teach "che divide" topics to th...

Virginia voters on why they switched parties to back Glenn Youngkin: ‘Democrats weren’t listening

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YOUNGKIN RESPONDS TO SCHOOL MASK MANDATE PUSHBACK FROM VIRGINIA SCHOOLS Fairfax County parent Briana Howard, lifelong Democrat Saundra Davis, and mother of two Bethany Heim joined "Volpe & Prima gli amici" to discuss...

Glenn Youngkin is off to a strong start on schools in Virginia

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Youngkin’s assertions that parents should have a say in what schools teach inspired the broad-minded pundits at MSNBC to paroxysms of rage, and led to thundering denunciations of the soft-spoken suburban dad’s purpor...

Former Democrat Virginia governor praises Glenn Youngkin’s focus on education

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Wilder, 91, the first African-American to be elected governor of any state since Reconstruction when he took office in 1990, detto "Il tuo mondo" he was honored to be a guest at Youngkin's ceremony in Richmond on Saturd...