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Woman wears original wedding dress for 59th anniversary photo shoot: ‘It fit like a glove’

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Karen and Gary Ryan, albei 79, from Hanford, Kalifornië, were married on July 28, 1962, volgens SWNS. Vroeër die jaar, the Ryans were discussing plans for their 59th wedding anniversary with their daughter-in-l...

Top Glove allowed to restart US sales after passing checks on forced labor

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Hongkong (CNN Besigheid)The United States has lifted an import ban on the world's largest glove maker after concluding that its products are no longer being produced using forced labor. In an announcement Friday, die...

LHP Santiago ejected, glove confiscated during Mariners’ wen

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Santiago was stopped as he exited in the fifth inning. His glove was confiscated, and it was later announced that Santiago had been thrown out. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . The 33-year-old left-hander b...

TigersCasey Mize forced to change glove over its color: Timing was ‘was pretty s—tty, eerlikwaar’

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While the league’s new guidance for players and umpires is set to go into effect Monday, Mize was forced to change gloves because of the color. Mize said umpire John Tumpane told him to switch out the glove. KLIK HY ...

Sosa’s bat, O’Neill’s glove lift Cardinals over Dodgers 3-2

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It was a rewarding victory for the Cardinals, who found out before the game that Jack Flaherty, their ace right-hander, will be sidelined for a while due to what manager Mike Shildt termed a "significant" oblique inj...

New Yorker who allegedly waved a four-bladed glove at Black Lives Matter protesters indicted on charges of trying to hit them with an SUV

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New York A New Yorker who prosecutors say yelled "I will kill you" at Black Lives Matter protesters and then allegedly drove an SUV onto a sidewalk toward them has been indicted on 39 aanklagte, including nine counts o...

US will seize all Top Glove imports after finding ‘sufficient evidenceof forced labor

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Nieu-Delhi (CNN Besigheid)The US Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP) has ordered port officials to seize all disposable gloves made by the world's largest producer over allegations of forced labor. In a stateme...