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Are you leaving your restaurant job for good? Share your story

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New York (CNN Besigheid)The restaurant sector suffered millions of job losses during the pandemic. Many restaurant workers and bartenders were let go when restaurants closed their doors. Nou, those jobs are starting ...

TERUGFLITS: Ruth Bader Ginsburg opposed court packing, said ‘nine seems to be a good number

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In 'n 2019 interview with NPR, Ginsburg addressed the idea that has gained momentum among Democrats in recent years. DEMOCRATS TO PROPOSE LEGISLATION EXPANDING THE SUPREME COURT "I have heard that there are some peop...

Audrey Hepburn biopic series in development from ‘The Good Wife’ skrywer

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The actress made a big splash in showbusiness throughout the 1960s and 1970s with beloved films like "Breakfast at Tiffany’s," "Sabrina," "The Nun’s Story," "Roman Holiday," "My Fair Lady" en nog vele meer. Egter, des...

LeSean McCoy believes he has ‘good shotat Hall of Fame, unsure about Julian Edelman

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LeSean McCoy, who is getting toward the end of his career, was in the "geen" group when asked by Yahoo Sports whether Edelman was a wide receiver. McCoy went onto say he believes he has a better chance of getting into ...

Moby addresses Natalie Portman dating controversy once more: ‘There’s no good way to answer’

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In 2019, the 55-year-old musician claimed in a memoir titled, "Then It Fell Apart," that he and the "Black Swan" star met in Moby’s dressing room following a show in 1999 and during their encounter, Portman was "flir...

Sy. Wicker on infrastructure meeting with Biden: We made good points but ‘there is a lot of space between us

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Wicker: Well of course, it’s a massive program. I did tell the president he has a very hard sell on raising the corporate tax rate and I said that I viewed that 2017 tax bill as one of our signature legislative achie...

Texas homeless man gets job, support after stranger’s generosity: ‘God is good

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Op daardie stadium, Smith was homeless and sitting in a chair outside an Outback Steakhouse in Fort Worth, Texas, WFAA reported. A customer who was leaving the restaurant asked him if he was all right, to which he responde...

Heather Graham flaunts incredible bikini bod as she shares what makes her ‘feel good’ about herself

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Die "Boogie Nights" actress posted a video to her Instagram on Wednesday praising her closest girlfriends for helping her feel confident in her body at 51 jaar oud. "So grateful for my amazing girlfriends for making...

Don’t be misled by good Covid-19 news in some nations. The pandemic is worse than ever elsewhere

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This was excerpted from the April 9 uitgawe van CNN se Intussen in Amerika, die daaglikse e-pos oor Amerikaanse politiek vir wêreldwye lesers. Klik hier om vorige uitgawes te lees en in te teken. There's light at the end of the Covid-...

Die voormalige NFL-ster glo dat Deshaun Watson weer sal speel: 'Hy is te goed van 'n speler’

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Antonio Gates, wat waarskynlik 'n Hall of Famer sal wees nadat hy sy hele 16-jarige loopbaan by die San Diego en Los Angeles Chargers deurgebring het, Hy het aan TMZ Sports gesê hy glo dat Watson 'n te goeie speler is om vir hom te laat kantel..

Kayleigh McEnany blasts CBS News for ‘revealing few days’ amid trio of debacles: ‘Not good’

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Fox News host Kayleigh McEnany took the network to task with a tweet Wednesday that summed up the "revealing few days" for CBS News. CRITICS BLAST '60 MINUTES' FOR 'FALSE NARRATIVE' THAT DESANTIS ENGAGED PUBLIX IN PA...

Gutfeld: MLB moving All-Star Game to Denver makes them feel good, but hurts those they insist on helping

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Wel, it is Colorado, so maybe weed, because you've got to be mile high to think this was a solution, for a number of reasons that aren't Colorado's fault. It's just that in this new woke world, skin color is everyth...

Sy. Paul: Health officials ‘can’t stand good newsabout pandemic because ‘they are big government people

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PAUL: Here's the thing about Dr. Fauci. When they can prove something is a real problem, let's consider a mandate. The last time he [Dr. Fauci] had the pushback with me, hy het gesê, "What about the variants? You may hav...

‘United States of Alhas good intentions, but not many laughs

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"United States of Al" has engendered advance debate over its depiction of an Afghan character, but the show plays less as offensive than dated and uninspired, built on ancient fish-out-of-water sitcom conventions. A ...

It’s no jokethunder wakes the peepers and brings good crops of corn and hay

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Spring is in full swing, and like the weather, so are the thunderous weather-themed proverbs. As we start April, you may have not heard these next two weather proverbs, but they still ring true today. "If it thunder...

Loyola’s good luck charm Sister Jean gets her March Madness ticket after being vaccinated

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In a sign that one small part of March Madness is inching back to normalcy, Chicago's favorite basketball-loving nun will soon be in the stands. Loyola University Chicago chaplain Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt got the...

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