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US zoos giving special animal coronavirus vaccine to tigers, bears and gorillas

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The Oakland and Denver zoos will be among the first to start vaccinating tigers, bears and other mammals susceptible to coronavirus infections with a new animal Covid-19 vaccine from animal health company Zoetis. T...

Chimpanzees have been spotted attacking and killing gorillas in the wild for the first time

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Chimpanzees' lethal attacks on gorillas in the wild have been observed for the first time, a team of researchers has said. Experts observing dozens of chimps at Loango National Park in Gabon had expected them to be ...

Gorillas at Zoo Atlanta being treated after initial testing reveals Covid-19 virus

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Initial tests show that lowland gorillas at Zoo Atlanta have the Covid-19 virus, the zoo said in a media update on its website. Officials said Friday they are waiting to confirm the diagnosis after sending test samp...

Atlanta zoo treating 13 gorillas for COVID-19

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Zoo Atlanta employees tested the animals after they suffered from coughing, runny noses and loss of appetite – now known as possible symptoms for the virus. One of the gorillas is Ozzie, who is currently the world’s ...

Gorillas find snake in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom exhibit in viral video

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Guests visiting the Animal Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida got to see something special when they stopped by the gorilla exhibit. Apparently, a small snake had made its way into the enclosure and t...

San Diego Zoo gorillas make full recovery from Covid-19

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Several gorillas are back in public view for visitors at the San Diego Zoo after making a full recovery from Covid-19, according to an update from the zoo. Eight western lowland gorillas caught the West Coast varian...

Selfie-taking tourists could be spreading Covid-19 to gorillas

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Tourists who take selfies with wild mountain gorillas could put the primates at risk of developing Covid-19, according to new research. Scientists from Oxford Brookes University, England, looked at hundreds of Insta...

At least two gorillas at San Diego Zoo tested positive for Covid-19, in the first known cases among great apes

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The surge of Covid-19 in California has just gotten even worse, after at least two gorillas at the San Diego Zoo became infected with Covid-19, the zoo and Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday. Three animals are currently ...