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Paul Gosar spends most in House on taxpayer-funded travel even as he rails against ‘bloated’ Gobierno

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Reps. Paul Gosar boasts he's been "relentless" in seeking to restore fiscal responsibility and "sentido común" when it comes to the "bloated" federal government. "I will continue to cut wasteful federal spending whe...

Trump endorses Gosar one day after he was censured over violent video targeting AOC and Biden

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Washington Former President Donald Trump on Thursday endorsed Rep. Paul Gosar just one day after the House passed a resolution censuring the Arizona Republican and stripping his committee assignments. "Congressman P...

Why Paul Gosar thinks he is a winner

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Wednesday was, on its face, a very bad day for Paul Gosar. Not only did the Arizona Republican become only the 24th Member of Congress to be censured by the House but he was also stripped of all his committee assign...

Cámara censura al representante republicano. Paul Gosar, elimina las asignaciones del comité sobre el video de anime del ataque a AOC

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Dos republicanos, Repeticiones. Liz Cheney de Wyoming y Adam Kinzinger de Illinois, votó por la resolución, y Rep. David Joyce, R-Ohio votó "regalo." "La gente nos admira. Ellos toman nuestro liderazgo. Asi que, cuando un miembro publica ...

Paul Gosar has a lonnnnnng history of controversy

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The US House is set to hold a censure vote against Arizona Republican Rep. Paul Gosar on Wednesday in reaction to a photoshopped anime video he posted on Twitter in which he is shown killing New York Democratic Rep....

Representante GOP. Paul Gosar to fundraise with purported Holocaust denier

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Gosar will be joined by controversial America First Foundation founder Nick Fuentes on July 2 for a fundraiser event, according to the advertisement, which was posted online on Tuesday. Fuentes is a controversial fig...