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Amid soaring inflation, CNN’s John King tells critics to give Democrats ‘some grace’: ‘Governing is hard

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King’s urging for easier treatment of Democratic lawmakers came specifically in response to a Republican attack ad criticizing Senator Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., for his reckless spending and accusing him of contributing t...

Jesse Watters: Biden is no longer capable of governing the US

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JESSE AGUAS: Our economy has officially reached bear market territory today. The S&P fell 20%, that's officially now collapsing. Ahora, encima de eso, the NASDAQ is off about 20% this year and the DOW is about 5...

Ron DeSantis’ governing strategy in Florida is paying off

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Gobernador de Florida. Ron DeSantis has championed controversial stances that have catapulted him into GOP stardom. From Covid-19 vaccines to critical race theory to the law critics have dubbed "Don't Say Gay," DeSantis has a...

Reps. Gallagher sobre la 'Sala de redacción de Estados Unidos': La administración Biden está 'gobernando para Twitter'’

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BIDEN TAMBIÉN DESPUÉS DE GRANDES PÉRDIDAS EN FILIBUSTER, VACUNAS Y MAS PARA COMENZAR 2022 MIKE GALLAGHER: Me parece que el problema más profundo en la Casa Blanca en este momento es que el presidente gobierna para Twitter y no para....

Josh Gottheimer accuses ‘far-leftof risking ‘civility,’ ‘bipartisan governingover infrastructure

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He also claimed the progressive Democrats were placing President Biden's entire agenda along with "civility and bipartisan governing at risk." "I’ve been working around-the-clock to pass the bipartisan infrastructur...

Bret Baier: Kamala Harris’ border message is difference between campaigning and governing

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BAIER: This is the difference between campaigning and governing and sometimes it's pretty stark. Campaigning, candidate Kamala Harris went to the border numerous times and said she’s standing with the immigrants and ...

New digital ad highlights Whitmer’s ‘rules for thee, not for megoverning style during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Get Michigan Working Again, an arm of the Republican Governors Association (RGA), announced the new online ad blitz in a press release on Thursday. "Gretchen Whitmer has shown zero respect for Michiganders throughout...

White House defends ethics waivers for ex-union officials, says they are ‘in the interest of governing

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The Biden administration has come under scrutiny from Republicans on Capitol Hill after its decision to circumvent federal ethics rules to staff former union officials in senior posts. BIDEN WAIVES ETHICS RULES FOR F...

Culture wars give Boris Johnson and his government a quick and easy high. They’re no substitute for governing

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Londres "Two basic rules of government: Never look into anything you don't have to. And never set up an inquiry unless you know in advance what its findings will be." The words are from "Yes Minister," a 1980s televis...