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rappresentante. Gallagher on ‘America’s Newsroom’: The Biden administration is ‘governing for Twitter

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BIDEN REELING AFTER MAJOR LOSSES ON FILIBUSTER, VACCINES AND MORE TO START 2022 MIKE GALLAGHER: It seems to me the deeper problem in the White House right now is that the president is governing for Twitter and not fo...

Josh Gottheimer accuses ‘far-leftof risking ‘civility,’ ‘bipartisan governingover infrastructure

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He also claimed the progressive Democrats were placing President Biden's entire agenda along with "civility and bipartisan governing at risk." "I’ve been working around-the-clock to pass the bipartisan infrastructur...

Bret Baier: Kamala Harris’ border message is difference between campaigning and governing

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BAIER: This is the difference between campaigning and governing and sometimes it's pretty stark. Campaigning, candidate Kamala Harris went to the border numerous times and said she’s standing with the immigrants and ...

Il nuovo annuncio digitale mette in evidenza le "regole per te" di Whitmer, non per me’ stile di governo durante la pandemia di COVID-19

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Rimetti in funzione il Michigan, un braccio della Republican Governors Association (RGA), ha annunciato il nuovo blitz pubblicitario online in un comunicato stampa giovedì. "Gretchen Whitmer ha mostrato zero rispetto per i Michiganders in tutto ...

White House defends ethics waivers for ex-union officials, says they are ‘in the interest of governing

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The Biden administration has come under scrutiny from Republicans on Capitol Hill after its decision to circumvent federal ethics rules to staff former union officials in senior posts. BIDEN WAIVES ETHICS RULES FOR F...

Culture wars give Boris Johnson and his government a quick and easy high. They’re no substitute for governing

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Londra "Two basic rules of government: Never look into anything you don't have to. And never set up an inquiry unless you know in advance what its findings will be." The words are from "Yes Minister," a 1980s televis...