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People want the Covid-19 vaccine, but the government is failing

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It's been over a month now since the first Covid-19 vaccines were distributed in the United States, and we still haven't reached the initial goal set out for 20 million Americans to be vaccinated -- one initially se...

Indian court urges government action as hospitals cry help

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El domingo, India recorded a slight drop in new infections with 392,488 from a high of 401,993 in the previous 24 horas. It also reported 3,689 additional deaths, bringing the total to 215,542. Experts believe both fi...

Amb. Scott Brown: Biden, energy and our future –it’s nuts to attack private companies, weaponize government

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Desafortunadamente, with gas prices at their highest point since 2014, it is costing everyone a lot more to get there. Concerning statistics released by the Department of Labor show the red warning lights of inflation ar...

Gregg Jarrett on the secret JFK assassination files: What is the government hiding?

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AUGUST HEATS UP WITH NEW FOX NATION CONTENT Video Almost immediately after the Warren Commission in 1964 ruled that Lee Harvey Oswald had been the lone gunman, conspiracy theories began to circulate over whether or ...

El gobierno federal puede comenzar a hacer cumplir el mandato de vacunación de Biden para los empleados a principios del próximo mes, OPM dice

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Los jefes de agencias y departamentos federales pueden comenzar a hacer cumplir los mandatos de vacunas del presidente Joe Biden para sus empleados a principios del próximo mes., de acuerdo con la nueva guía de la Oficina de Administración de Personal de EE. UU.. Para b ...

La * verdadera * razón por la que Ted Cruz está amenazando a un(no ella) cierre del gobierno

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El anuncio de un acuerdo en el Congreso para mantener abierto el gobierno federal más allá del viernes viene con una advertencia importante.: Varios republicanos del Senado han amenazado en los últimos días con cerrar el gobierno..

US government to execute first woman since 1953

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The federal government, continuing its string of executions this year, has set the dates for two more, including the first woman in more than six decades. Lisa Montgomery in December 2004 Lisa Montgomery is exp...

Russia’s Twitter crackdown ends up taking out government websites

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Moscow Russia moved to slow down the speed of Twitter on Wednesday after the social media company failed to remove what the country's media watchdog described as prohibited or harmful content. The move comes after R...

Bernie Sanders calls Hamas a ‘terrorist groupbut says Israeli government has ‘overt racists

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Lijadoras, I-Vt., made the comments in an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation" in the aftermath of a cease-fire last week that ended 11 days of fighting between Hamas and Israel. The fighting resulted in more than 200 D...

California restaurant blames government assistance for staff shortages: reporte

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Taco Loco in Folsom, near Sacramento, posted a sign inside the restaurant blaming government assistance for the hiring woes, CBS13 reported. The sign was addressed to "Loyal Customers." SOUTH CAROLINA BBQ RESTAURAT...

Joe Kent accuses US government of ‘despisingits own citizens: ‘this isn’t incompetence, this is malice

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Joe Kent, a retired U.S. Army Special Forces chief warrant officer, served for over 20 years and completed 11 combat deployments. He's running as a Republican for a seat representing Washington state’s 3rd Congressio...

Austrian government proposes law to legalize assisted suicide

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ZurichAustria's federal government has submitted a draft law to make assisted suicide for seriously ill adults legal, the federal chancellery said in a statement on Saturday. The new law lays out the conditions under...

House to vote Wednesday on one-week stopgap to keep government open

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Washington The House on Wednesday will vote on a one-week stopgap resolution to keep the government open until December 18 as lawmakers struggle to agree on a funding bill and coronavirus relief package, a spokespers...

Matt Gaetz associate likely to strike cooperation deal with federal government, attorneys say

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Orlando Joel Greenberg, a key figure in the ongoing investigation into Florida Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz, is likely to strike a plea deal with federal prosecutors, his attorney and prosecutors said in court Thursday...

Su. Cruz argues Facebook was censoring COVID-19 content ‘on behalf of the government’

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Cruz made the comment reacting to Facebook saying on May 26 that it would no longer ban posts suggesting COVID-19 is man-made amid mounting calls from President Biden and other officials for further investigation int...

Chinese government rejects WHO plan for second phase of Covid-19 origins study

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The Chinese government will not participate in a second phase of the World Health Organization's investigation into the origins of Covid-19, a top health official announced Tuesday, after the possibility of the viru...

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