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Local doctor and two grandchildren are among 5 killed in South Carolina mass shooting, sê owerhede

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At least five people are dead after what authorities are calling a "case of a mass shooting" at a home in York County, Suid Carolina. The victims of the Wednesday evening shooting near Rock Hill included a doctor,...

Meghan Markle’s estranged father Thomas says he will petition California courts to see his grandchildren

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Op Woensdag, Thomas Markle told a photographer from his Rosarito, Mexico home that he was ready to take the matter to court in hopes of finally meeting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s two children, Archie Harrison ...

Father suspected of burning daughters and grandchildren to death in Pakistan marriage feud

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Lahore, PakistanA father in Pakistan is suspected of killing his two daughters and their four children by setting their house ablaze because one of the women married against his wishes, polisie gesê. Manzoor Hussain i...