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Granholm alquiló un avión militar a Ucrania mientras Estados Unidos luchaba por evacuar a los estadounidenses de Afganistán.

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El vuelo de Granholm tuvo lugar en medio del frenético esfuerzo de los Estados Unidos para transportar por aire a decenas de miles de personas desde Afganistán antes del agosto de los talibanes.. 31 fecha límite, y como el Departamento de Defensa se vio obligado a llamar ....

Energy Sec. Granholm on Miami condo collapse: "No sabemos’ if climate change was cause

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Granholm was asked if climate change could have played a role in the building's collapse during a CNN interview on Tuesday. MIAMI CONDO BUILDING COLLAPSE: UCONN PITCHER RECALLS HARROWING INCIDENT, HELPING ELDERLY WOM...

Energy Secretary Granholm divests from electric vehicle company: informes

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Granholm had until late August to fully divest up to $ 5 million in stock options from Proterra, a company that makes electric buses, car batteries and charging stations. President Biden’s administration has pushed...

Energy Secretary Granholm asserts that gas prices may have gone up ‘because of the virus’

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"Beyond whether or not you think your policies are to blame, are you worried that the prices could impact whether or not Americans travel, which is of course needed to put money back into the economy?" CNN’s Jake Tap...

Energy Secretary Granholm won’t say if ‘improperfor Biden to promote company in which she invested millions

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While speaking to Politico on Monday, Granholm reiterated her commitment to divesting from Proterra, an electric car company, but wouldn't provide a straight answer when asked if she saw anything "improper" about Bid...

Senate confirms Jennifer Granholm as energy secretary

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The Senate on Thursday confirmed President Joe Biden's nominee for energy secretary, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. The final vote was 64-35. Esta historia se está rompiendo y se actualizará.

Biden poised to nominate Granholm to lead Department of Energy

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President-elect Joe Biden is poised to tap former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm to lead the Department of Energy, two people familiar with the matter say, inviting a longtime adviser who played a critical role in ...