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Donna scomparsa in Colorado trovata morta nella tomba, giorni dopo che la polizia ha ucciso la persona interessata alla sua scomparsa

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Il corpo di Cheyenne Goins, 21, è stato trovato in una tomba clandestina nella contea di Alamosa, di 225 miglia a sud-ovest di Denver. È stata denunciata per scomparsa ad agosto. 12. La sua morte è stata dichiarata omicidio dal corone della contea di El Paso..

Maine police seeking tips in 1982 cold case murder of missing teen found in shallow grave

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Pamela Campbell, 19, was last seen in Bangor on Aug. 15, 1981, Maine State Police said in a call for tips about the case posted Sunday on Facebook. Her father had reported her missing the next day. FLORIDA POLICE SOL...

Obama-era Afghanistan ambassador has ‘grave questionsabout Biden’s ‘ability to lead’ NOI

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In an interview over the weekend, former Afghanistan Ambassador Ryan Crocker questioned the president’s leadership capabilities amid the Taliban's swift takeover of the country. Crocker, who has served as a diploma...

The inhabitant of a medieval grave in Finland may have been nonbinary, un nuovo studio trova

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Nel 1968, excavators uncovered a nearly 1,000-year-old grave in Finland thought to be occupied by a warrior woman, given the presence of both jewelry and a pristine sword in the grave. A new analysis of the grave's c...

LA sheriff has ‘grave concernsabout deputy fatally shooting man with knife; 1 officer suspended

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In a criticism of his own deputies, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva also said he had "gravi preoccupazioni" about the shooting that happened on March 14 after 34-year-old David Ordaz Jr. has since died as a resu...

Lo sceriffo di Los Angeles ha espresso "gravi preoccupazioni"’ su una sparatoria mortale catturata su bodycam

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Lo sceriffo della contea di Los Angeles Alex Villanueva dice che ha "gravi preoccupazioni" su un incidente a marzo in cui gli agenti hanno sparato e ucciso un uomo ispanico di 34 anni fuori dalla sua casa di famiglia a East Los Angeles. La sua partenza...

Kim Jong Un warns of ‘grave consequencesand fires top officials after Covid-19 incident

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Seoul, South Korea Kim Jong Un fired several senior officials who failed to enforce North Korea's stringent Covid-19 prevention, a dereliction of duty which the young dictator said will have "grave consequences" per...

Suo. Moran & Brandon: Dems’ S1 election bill poses grave threat to free speech

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Nel mese di marzo, the House passed H.R.1, a bill that, in parte, regulates who can or cannot exercise their free speech rights leading up to an election. (Al Senato, this bill is known as S.1.) Per esempio, organizations...

Spain plans to open grave containing 33,000 civil war victims

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The government of Spain's Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has started the process to open up a mass grave containing the remains of more than 33,000 victims of the country's 1936-39 guerra civile. Officials have ...

Mexican authorities uncover 113 bodies in mass grave

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Mexican authorities have announced the discovery of at least 113 bodies from a mass grave in Jalisco state. Del totale, 30 bodies have been identified by relatives, said state attorney Gerardo Octavio Solís at a p...

Investigators find a mass grave while searching for 1921 Tulsa race massacre victims

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A mass grave was found this week in the cemetery where archeologists have been searching for victims of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre, an Oklahoma state archaeologist announced Wednesday. The outlines of at least 10 ...

Former Florida Supreme Court chief justice during 2000 recount warns Trump poses ‘grave and real threat to democracy

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Washington The former chief justice of the Florida Supreme Court is warning that President Donald Trump poses a "grave and real threat to our democracy" because of his threat to not accept the outcome of the election...