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La Danimarca vuole dissotterrare migliaia di visoni morti dopo che le carcasse sono uscite dalle fosse comuni

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Denmark plans to dig up thousands of dead mink culled to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, dopo che gli animali hanno iniziato a uscire dalle loro fosse comuni. Hundreds of dead mink emerged from their burial sites, acco ...

Resti di 59 corpi trovati in tombe clandestine in Messico

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Mexico City, MexicoThe remains of 59 bodies have been discovered in clandestine graves in a region of central Mexico that has suffered some of the highest levels of drug violence in recent years, national authorities...

Indonesians caught without a mask forced to dig graves for Covid-19 victims

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Jakarta, Indonesia Villagers who refuse to wear masks are being forced to dig graves for victims of Covid-19 by local authorities in one part of rural Indonesia, in the hopes that a little bit of manual labor and emp...

rappresentante. Tom Graves to step down in October

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rappresentante. Tom Graves, a Republican representing Georgia's 14th Congressional District, announced Friday afternoon that he is planning to step down from Congress in October. "With the House planning to wrap up the People...