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‘Al Davis vs. NFL’ fumbles away a great story with a bad ‘deep fake’ コール

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The legal feud between Raiders owner Al Davis and the National Football League is the kind of juicy stuff that ought to be hard to screw up, but ESPN manages to do just that with "Al Davis vs. NFL," A "30 にとって 30...


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この話は6月から抜粋したものです 22 アメリカのCNNの一方の版, グローバルな読者のための米国の政治についての毎日の電子メール. 過去の版を読んで購読するには、ここをクリックしてください. 誰でも飛行機を飛ばせますか? すべて...

パンサーズ’ Christian McCaffrey feels ‘great,’ could play vs. イーグルス

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その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey pushes away from New Orleans Saints outside linebacker Demario Davis during the second half of a game Sunday, 9月. 1...

Queen Elizabeth says she’s thankful for support amid ‘period of great sadnessfollowing Prince Philip’s death

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The reigning monarch turned 95 水曜日に, just days after the world looked on as Her Majesty laid her husband of 73 years to rest at a ceremonial royal funeral held at Windsor Castle on Saturday. In her statement,...

「パークド」: アビーホーナセックはニューリバーゴージ国立公園で非常に高いところに到達します

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エピソードで, "ニューリバーゴージ," ホーナセックはウェストバージニア州にあるアメリカの63番目の国立公園を深く掘り下げます. "キャットウォークからの眺めは壮観です," ダグコールマン, ブリッジウォークガイド, ホーナセクに言った. "Th ...

「TheGreatDepresh」からのゲイリーグルマンの旅’ カーネギーホールへ

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コメディアンのゲイリー・グルマンがベッドから出られなかったのは少し前のことです。. 今、彼はカーネギーホールのヘッドラインを務めています. ガルマンズは、壊滅的なうつ病の深さを通り抜けて、新しい90分のショーにかなりの旅をしました, "...

Old Man Winter arrives early for millions across the Great Plains and Upper Midwest

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Winter is creeping in early as two separate systems bring snow and ice from Washington to Wisconsin. Even southern states like Oklahoma and Texas are in for a big chill through this weekend. Nearly five million Amer...

McAuliffe criticizes Virginia school funding, despite Northam calling budget ‘greatand ‘very progressive

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McAuliffe blasted the new budget signed by Northam, saying the state had "bigger problems" if it could not find more money to invest in public schools. Northam announced that he had signed the budget on Monday, calli...

「ホワイトロータス’ 素晴らしかった. それが別の「真の探偵」ではないことを願いましょう’

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以下、ネタバレを含みます "ホワイトロータス" フィナーレ, 8月に初演. 15. "ホワイトロータス" 素晴らしかった (日曜日のフィナーレはおそらく視聴者と同じくらい多くのミームを生み出しました), あったように "イーストタウンのマーレ," pをマークします。.

Great apes at the San Diego Zoo receive a Covid-19 vaccine for animals

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Several great apes at the San Diego Zoo have been vaccinated against Covid-19 a few weeks after the zoo's gorillas tested positive for the virus. Members of the zoo's bonobo and orangutan troops were vaccinated usi...


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St. Louis Medical Examiner Dr. マイケルグラハムは火曜日に最終報告書を発表しました, プラーガーの死後まもなくの彼の予備調査結果を確認する, セント. LouisPost-Dispatchが報告しました. 死因は ...

Midwest, Great Lakes facing severe weather threat

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Today’s risk is centered across the Midwest and Great Lakes while tomorrow the stronger storms will be spread over the Central and Southern Plains. The severe weather threat for Monday, 10月. 11. (Fo ...

イングラム: ‘Biden’s Insurrectionistswant us to ‘lose sightof freedom that made America great

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イングラム: Far from governing as the moderate figure so many suburban women likely thought he’d be, Biden is a radical and his policies, and poisonous narratives are already pitting Americans against each other along ...

ディリップ・クマール, ボリウッドの偉大な「悲劇の王」,’ で死ぬ 98

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ザ・ "悲劇の王" タイトルはクマールの多くの深刻な役割から来ました. 数回で, 彼の性格は欲求不満の恋人と酔っぱらいとして死んだ. 彼はまた、彼の表現力豊かなパフォーマンスでボリウッドの唯一のメソッド俳優としても知られていました。.

NFL great Frank Gore says he’s a Hall of Famer: ‘My numbers speak for themselves

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Gore, who recently spoke to TMZ Sports, is third on the NFL's all-time rushing yards list with exactly 16,000 ヤード. But there are many NFL fans and media members who believe he isn’t worthy of induction into the Pro...

Early season winter storm could cover many states, from the Southwest to the Great Lakes, in snow or ice

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It may not be winter yet, but more than 20 million people are under some sort of winter weather watch, warning or advisory. The early season snow and ice storm spreads from the Southwest into the Midwest, によると...

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