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CDC risk of coronavirus transmission outdoors greatly exaggerated, bombshell report finds

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The CDC has cited the estimate to back up its recommendation that vaccinated individuals do away with masks in certain outdoor situations, but should keep wearing masks during others. According to the Times, il 10% ...

Il principe Harry, Meghan Markle say Prince Philip will be ‘greatly missedin subtle online tribute

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Although the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have yet to issue a formal statement reacting Harry's grandfather's passing, the couple acknowledged the Duke of Edinburgh's legacy on their Archewell website. "In Loving Memor...

Martin Luther King Jr. sarebbe "molto deluso’ nella nostra nazione, dice suo figlio

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Il figlio maggiore del defunto Rev. Dott. Martin Luther King Jr. e Coretta Scott King ha detto che suo padre sarebbe stato molto deluso dalla nazione se fosse ancora vivo. "Mio padre ha sempre creduto nelle persone del nostro ...