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Cruz grills Biden judicial nominee over statement calling Kavanaugh ‘intellectually and morally bankrupt

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Cruz went after Jennifer Sung, Biden’s nominee for U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, for her signature on the open letter from Yale Law students and alumni denouncing the then-Supreme Court nominee. The le...

Judge grills lawyers on thin election fraud claims at Michigan hearing on possible sanctions

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A judge in Michigan pinned down lawyers in a marathon video court hearing Monday on whether they had done due diligence before filing election fraud claims in federal court in November. The grilling came in a hearin...

Chris Wallace grills Buttigieg on false jobs claim: ‘Why mislead people?’

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Wallace noted that Buttigieg and other Biden administration officials overstated the number of jobs that would be created by Biden's "American Jobs Plan" last Sunday and then asked, "Why mislead people?" "You're righ...

Trump campaign grills election officials about veracity of mail-in voting

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President Donald Trump's campaign team is bombarding local election officials in swing states, digging for details on vote-counting and gearing up for a potential legal fight over mail-in ballots. In an effort that...