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Why online supermarket Ocado wants to take the human touch out of groceries

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In a warehouse larger than three football fields, 3,000 bots scuttle along at 13 voet per sekonde, swerving to avoid each other in a complex dance governed by artificial intelligence. Their goal? To get your grocerie...

Texas bakery gives away thousands of dollars in groceries to help those hardest hit by storms

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The owners of a local bakery in Austin, Texas, are helping their community dig out from the devastating winter storms that struck last week by donating thousands of dollars' worth of food to those in need. The stor...

A police officer paid for a family’s Christmas groceries instead of charging two women with shoplifting

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A Massachusetts police officer used his own money to buy Christmas dinner for a family in need instead of charging two women with shoplifting. Somerset Police Officer Matt Lima was called to a Stop & Shop grocer...

Group of local entrepreneurs pays for over $40,000 of groceries for customers at Atlanta store

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Customers at an Atlanta grocery store were treated to a Thanksgiving surprise when a group of local entrepreneurs paid for thousands of dollars of groceries. "We literally took up every register at the grocery store...