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‘Boss Levelis just an ultra-violent ‘Groundhog Daythat’s unexpectedly fun

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Eers, "Boss Level" seems as familiar and derivative as it is unnecessary -- basically just an insanely-violent version of "Groundhog Day," with Frank Grillo caught in a time loop and trying to fight his way out ...

‘Groundhog Day,’ the movie’s final life lessons for our perpetual pandemic

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David G. Allan is die redaksionele direkteur van CNN Travel, Styl, Wetenskap en welstand. Hierdie opstel is deel van 'n rubriek genaamd The Wisdom Project, waarop u hier kan inskryf. "What would you do if you were stuck ...

A groundhog forecast: More winter or early spring?

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Every year on February 2 people keep an eye out for a groundhog's shadow to help predict what the weather will be like for the next few weeks. This year that shadow may be cast on snow. The legend goes that if groun...