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Oriolesgrounds crew appear to get ejected, MLB umpire says it didn’t happen

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MLB UMPIRE HIT IN FACE WITH BASEBALL ON ERRANT THROW DURING CARDINALS-METS GAME Social media erupted over the bizarre sight – ejections happen, yes but the grounds crew? They hurried off the field but Tim...

Ex-DEA agent charged with bringing gun to Capitol grounds on January 6 and lying to FBI

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A former Drug Enforcement Administration special agent who previously claimed he had been fired for being at the US Capitol during the January 6 insurrection is now facing federal charges after prosecutors say he br...

California K-12 students who refuse to wear masks will be barred from school grounds, staat sê

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The state rules are a deviation from federal guidelines from the U.S. Sentrums vir Siektebeheer en -voorkoming (CDC) issued on July 9 that say only unvaccinated individuals are required to wear masks in schools. DE...

Trump’s company charged on narrow grounds despite 3 years of investigation

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For all his denunciations of the New York probe as a witch hunt, it means he will have to devote time, energy and resources to defending his firm. It means the Trump Organization could be tarnished to the point that ...

Cicadas take over the Capitol grounds, ‘Cicada, cicada. Where have you been?’

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Especially when it’s cicada season. The Brood X cicadas are now in full force along the Eastern Seaboard. Especially Washington, DC. En, even more specifically, around the U.S. Kapitool. In werklikheid, you may not even ha...

US Capitol Police ask to keep outer perimeter fence on Capitol grounds through joint session of Congress

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The US Capitol Police department has asked to keep the outer perimeter fence on Capitol Complex grounds, according to sources familiar with the request. Three sources told CNN that Capitol Police have asked the Capi...

New York verbied die vertoon van Gekonfedereerde vlag en ander haatsimbole op staatsgronde

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Die staat New York sal niks meer verkoop of vertoon wat as a beskou word nie "simbool van haat," insluitend die Gekonfedereerde vlag, volgens 'n wetsontwerp wat pas in die wet onderteken is. Goewerneur. Andrew Cuomo het die wetsontwerp onderteken, wat ingaan ...

Taiwan grounds entire fleet of US-made F-16 fighter jets after crash

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Hong Kong Taiwan has grounded its entire fleet of about 140 US-made F-16 fighter jets after one of the planes crashed during a training mission on Tuesday evening. Taiwan's Defense Ministry said the single-seat F-16 ...