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Bipartisan group of senators seeks common ground on changing Electoral Count Act

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A bipartisan effort in the Senate is underway to overhaul a 19th century law that has come under scrutiny in the wake of last year's January 6 ataque al Capitolio de los Estados Unidos. Congressional Democrats and President Joe Bide...

China’s mandatory Olympics app raises privacy and censorship concerns, watchdog group warns

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The Citizen Lab, based at the University of Toronto, said in an extensive report by research associate Jeffrey Knockel that the mandatory MY2022 app fails to validate some SSL certificates, which could leave open inf...

Iowa’s Kirk Ferentz disbands diversity group created after 2020 Investigacion

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The Gazette reports that Ferentz’ decision to end the committee came shortly after its leader, former offensive lineman David Porter, suggested it was time for Iowa to part ways with Ferentz. But Ferentz said he had ...

Left-wing group secured $158 million taxpayer-funded contract to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation

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The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded the Vera Institute of Justice, a left-wing nonprofit that backs defunding the police, the contract in 2021 a "provide immigration related legal services to u...

Texas’ largest county sees more than 150 killed by suspects out on bonds, victims group says

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En el condado de Harris, home to Houston, the largest city in the state, existen 113 defendants charged with capital murder that been granted bond, Rania Mankarious, Director ejecutivo de Crime Stoppers of Houston, dijo a Fox News. The gr...

Facebook fact-checking group admits it wrongly flagged article criticizing study on masks in schools

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Reason senior editor Robby Soave penned an explanation of what happened when a friend attempted to share an article he wrote headlined, "The Study That Convinced the CDC To Support Mask Mandates in Schools Is Junk Sc...

Russian court shuts down human rights group Memorial International

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Moscow Russia's Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered the closure of Memorial International, a prominent human rights organization, in the latest blow to the country's shrinking civil society. Memorial International studi...

Group of Haitian migrants sue Biden administration over poor treatment

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A group of Haitian migrants is suing the Biden administration over its treatment of migrants, recounting in detail squalid conditions at a makeshift camp in Del Rio, Texas, this year and confrontations with officers...

El rapero Kangol Kid del grupo de hip-hop UTFO muere en 55 de cáncer de colon

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El publicista del artista de más de 20 años, León Lindwedel, confirmó la noticia de su muerte a Fox News Digital. "Kangol fue uno de los miembros fundadores del grupo de rap UTFO., Se hizo popular a mediados de los 80 con el éxito "Roxa ..".

Volunteer group evacuates 39 Americans and permanent residents from Afghanistan

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Thirty-nine American citizens and lawful residents were evacuated from the war-torn country Friday and are headed to New York City thanks to the volunteer group Project Dynamo, according to the New York Post. ...

Grupo de padres presenta una petición para remover a un miembro de la junta escolar del condado de Fairfax

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"Le quitaron un año de la vida a mi hijo," Dee O'Neal Jackson, una madre soltera de una niña en las escuelas públicas que dirigió el esfuerzo de retirada, dijo a Fox News en una entrevista el jueves. A pesar de que las escuelas públicas de Fairfax han tenido éxito..

Les Emmerson, singer/songwriter of ’70s group Five Man Electrical Band, muerto en 77

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His death was announced by his wife Monik Emmerson to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She told the CBC that her husband had been double-vaccinated but suffered from underlying health issues. The singer contrac...

National school board bleeding members, cash may now face challenge from rival group

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School board associations in various states faced tense situations as disgruntled parents vented their frustrations over COVID-19 mask mandates, remote learning and other difficulties in the classroom. The NSBA submi...

President of California medical board tweets ‘terrifyingencounter with anti-vaccine group

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"El lunes, I was followed and confronted by a group that peddles medical disinformation, promotes fake COVID-19 treatments, and is under investigation by Congress for stealing millions of dollars from consumers. Eso ...

TikTok’s removes pro-Kyle Rittenhouse video posted by libertarian group

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En diciembre 1, the group posted a video responding to the news that Arizona State University students were protesting Rittenhouse attending their school. The protesting students referred to Rittenhouse – acquitted la...

Barcelona out of Champions League, snow extends group stage

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Barcelona fell to a 3-0 loss at Bayern Munich that dumped the five-time European champion into a dismal — and deserved — third place in Group E. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . Bayern’s perfect six straigh...

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