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Police group releases online law enforcement simulator to educate public on use-of-force decisions

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The Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund’s (LELDF) "Decision Points" police simulator uses real-life police bodycam footage to educate the public and community leaders on the kinds of quick decision-making skills offic...


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ワシントンアフリカで働く約12人の米国国務省の従業員のiPhoneが、ここ数か月でイスラエルのテクノロジー企業NSOGroupによって開発されたスパイウェアでハッキングされました。, 米国の高官によると。.

あった 155 efforts to censor books in US schools and libraries, group says

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The American Library Association says it has provided legal guidance and support to a number of libraries impacted by the "dramatic uptick" of attempts to remove books concerning LGBTQ issues and people of color. S.。.

Fenway Sports Group acquires NHL’s Pittsburgh Penguins

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Fenway Sports Group (FSG), which owns Major League Baseball's Boston Red Sox and English Premier League team Liverpool, has reached an agreement to acquire controlling interest of the National Hockey League's Pittsb...

Pentagon launching new UFO investigation unit, replacing Navy group: 報告する

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The Defense Department is launching the Airborne Object Identification and Management Synchronization Group, a unit that will be charged with finding and identifying UFOs in restricted airspace, officials said Tuesda...

グループ誘拐後、ハイチで解放された2人の宣教師, 援助グループの主張

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1か月以上前にハイチで誘拐された2人の宣教師が釈放されました, 米国に本拠を置くクリスチャンエイド省の声明によると. CNNは彼らのリリースを独自に確認することができませんでした. "私たちはリアを持っています。.

Parent group files petition to remove Loudoun County School Board vice chair

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"The parents of Loudoun County are simply not going to stop utilizing their voices and the rule of law to make a change in our schools," イアン・プライヤー, a father and executive director at Fight for Schools, フォックスニュースに語った ...

Pro-Biden group to spend $10 million on high-profile campaign touting President’s economic agenda

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Now that President Joe Biden has signed his highly sought-after infrastructure bill into law, it is time for Democrats to go out and sell the accomplishment. Building Back Together, the pro-Biden outside organizatio...

Water your Christmas tree or else, warns US safety group in an alarming alert

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As the holiday season approaches and many across the US are setting up their Douglas firs, white pines or spruce trees in the house, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has sent out an alarming warning....


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10月中. 20 ウィチタ州立大学学生政府協会上院の会議, 学生自治会によって正式に承認されるターニングポイントUSA支部の申請は、によって却下されました。.

「TheBase」にリンクされているデラウェアの男性’ 白人至上主義者グループが懲役9年の判決

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FBI捜査官が元カナダ軍の予備役パトリック・ジョーダン・マシューズを逮捕, 我ら. 陸軍のベテラン、ブライアン・マーク・レムリー・ジュニア. エルクトンの, メリーランド, そして1月にグループの3番目のメンバー 2020, Rでのイベントの数日前。.

UVA event defending Thomas Jefferson sparks student blowback, 保守的なグループは言う

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The school's chapter of the Young America's Foundation said on Twitter over the weekend that fellow students have launched a letter-writing campaign against an event this Thursday called, "In Defense of Mr. Jefferson...

Microsoft says Russian group behind SolarWinds attack now targeting IT supply chain

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Microsoft Corporate Vice President of Customer Security & Trust Tom Burt shared the "latest activity" the company has observed from Russian nation-state actor Nobelium. Burt, in a blog post, said Nobelium was ide...

1月 6 defendant spoke at far-right rally attended by Proud Boys, despite court order against associating with the group

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An Arizona political commentator charged in the US Capitol riot spoke at a small right-wing rally in Phoenix last month that was attended by over a dozen Proud Boys, even though a federal judge had ordered him not t...

Rのトミーデバージ&Bグループスイッチが死んだ 64

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デバージの妹エターライン "バニー" デバージは木曜日にFacebookでニュースを共有しました, ギターを弾く兄の静止画をフィーチャーしたビデオを共有する. "トミーは彼の翼を手に入れました," 彼女は書いた. 歌手も共有します。.

「キルミードショー」のミック・マルバニー: 「あなたがまだ差別できる唯一のグループはクリスチャンです’

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"この国でまだ差別できる唯一のグループは伝統的なクリスチャンです. そしてそれがシャーロットカトリック高校です. だから私の推測では、これは実際には何も起こりません," マルバニーは言った "Br ...

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