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Groups demand arrest of LAPD officer who allegedly shot 14-year-old dead

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Protesters gathered Sunday outside the Los Angeles Police Department headquarters and called for the officer, who police have since identified as 42-year-old Officer William Jones, to be charged with involuntary mans...

Republicans seek to expose Russia funding to US green groups with ‘Putin paychecks

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Rep. Ted Budd, R-N.C., authored the "Countering Russian Influence in our Politics Act" that would require U.S. organizations that receive funding from Russia to register as foreign agents under the Foreign Agents Reg...

Lia Thomas succeeding from ‘hard worknot because she’s transgender, Penn Law groups say

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Listed as signatories to the column were Penn Law for Philly, Law Students for a Democratic Society, Penn Law Lambda, Trans Empowerment @ Advocacy Project, If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, American Co...

Police groups slam Black Lives Matter chapter for complaining shot police officers treated as ‘heroes

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Shortly after a Metropolitan Police Department officer was shot in D.C.’s Petworth neighborhood Sunday night, Black Lives Matter D.C. took the opportunity to promote its #StopMPD campaign and warn against the spread ...

'N Provinsie in Washington sal gemeenskapsgroepe laat straf vir sommige beskuldigdes

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Die mees bevolkte provinsie in die staat Washington gaan voort met 'n plan wat gemeenskapsgroepe toelaat -- in plaas van howe -- besluit die straf vir 'n paar lae vlak misdade. King County, wat sitplek insluit ...

Conservative groups mobilize against Democratssweeping election bill, targeting moderate senators

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"Yesterday's markup in the Senate Rules gave the American people an inflection point in this debate around election integrity laws," Jessica Anderson, the executive director of the conservative Heritage Action, gesê ...

Fourth quarter takeaways: Vulnerable Democrats and GOP groups build big war chests, George W.. Bush weighs in

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Some of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the Senate have raised enormous sums and head into the midterms with massive war chests, new campaign finance reports show. But they will face a well-funded oppos...

Videos show “Stop die steel” rally organizer saying he would work with extremist groups

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An organizer of the "Stop die steel" rallies that preceded the attack on the US Capitol a year ago said he would work with two extremist groups, who later had members charged in the attack, about providing security ...

As Ukraine burns, UN Security Council watches Russia halt group’s action with its veto power

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The United Nations was formed after World War II with the aim of halting future wars, but as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warns the world about a new world war, the Security Council is being used by Russia...

Environmental groups ask Congress to fund billions of dollars in climate measures in reconciliation

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As Democratic lawmakers begin crafting a massive $ 3.5 trillion budget reconciliation package this week, a coalition of prominent environmental groups is asking them to include between $ 577 billion and $ 746 bil...

Konserwatiewe groepe doen 'n beroep op NJ en Virginia om 'skole nou weer heeltemal oop te maak'

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Die staatsleierskapstigting vir die regering (SGLF) en N2 America werk saam om digitale advertensies in albei state bekend te stel as deel van hul voortgesette ses-syfer "Laat kinders leer" advertensieveldtog. "Hoe is dit moontlik dat een of ander kind ...

Voting rights groups speed payments to help ex-felons in Florida ahead of registration deadline

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A group working to restore voting rights to former felons in the battleground state of Florida is racing to deliver money to court clerks to help pay off court fees and fines as a voter-registration deadline and Ele...

Phones of Palestinian NGO workers infected with Pegasus spyware, regte groepe sê

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Jerusalem Phones belonging to six people working for Palestinian NGOs were hacked with Israeli technology firm NSO Group's Pegasus spyware, regte groepe sê. Dublin-based rights group Front Line Defenders (FLD) aan ...

Second Amendment groups on Biden mandate: If he can force a needle in your arm, can he take your gun?

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Biden announced that he is instructing the Department of Labor to mandate that all companies with 100 or more workers must vaccinate their employees or force them to be tested weekly. WHITE HOUSE TO WITHDRAW CONTROVE...

Dodelike ISIS-gevangenispoging laat die vrese van die groep se herlewing aanwakker

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Minstens sewe vegters van die Amerikaanse geallieerde Siriese Demokratiese Magte is dood toe ISIS Donderdag probeer het om duisende van sy vegters uit 'n Siriese tronk te breek., 'n aanval wat onderstreep gaan oor die terreur gr...

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