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Conservatives respond as SPLC continues to brand them ‘hate groupsdespite terror attack, defamation claims

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Die 733 number represents a decline from the 838 "hate groups" the SPLC reported last year. Die 2021 Southern Poverty Law Center "hate map."

Jewish and Japanese American groups among growing multiracial effort calling for reparations for Black Americans

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As a third-generation Japanese American, Kathy Nishimoto Masaoka remembers the fight for reparations during the Japanese redress movement in the 1970's. Black leaders in the civil rights movement were among the effo...

Eerste op CNN: Climate groups launch pressure campaign aimed at Biden ahead of State of the Union

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Climate advocates are sounding the alarm ahead of Biden's Tuesday State of the Union speech amid what they see as slow action on the climate crisis. Now that President Joe Biden's signature climate bill is effectiv...

Conservative groups urge border states to use ‘every legal meansto combat migrant crisis

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"What is happening at the southern border is without precedent in American history. President Biden has abandoned his core responsibility to ensure the integrity of our nation’s borders," the Federation for American ...

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Canadian civil liberties groups respond to Trudeau invoking Emergencies Act

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While some groups have approved of the measure, which cuts off funding from the protestors, noem dit "verantwoordelik" en "a good strategy," others have condemned the action and described it as a slippery slope into g...

‘We’re not asking for magical things’: Anti-gun violence groups launch campaign to pressure Biden four years after Parkland

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Washington, DC Monday marks four years since the deadly shooting at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida, and the nation remains plagued by the gun violence that the students-turned-activists...

Frank Reich among groups going to LA to combat trafficking

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A year after he became head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Reich and his wife, Linda, formed kNot Today, a nonprofit that works to prevent child sexual abuse and exploitation. Their foundation is among five organiz...

Colombia struck a peace deal with guerrilla groups years ago. So why is violence surging?

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Bogota, Colombia This year kicked off with a violent start on the Colombia-Venezuela border, where dissident militant factions have been competing for territorial control of lucrative drug routes that connect the Sou...

Fourth quarter takeaways: Vulnerable Democrats and GOP groups build big war chests, George W.. Bush weighs in

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Some of the most vulnerable Democratic incumbents in the Senate have raised enormous sums and head into the midterms with massive war chests, new campaign finance reports show. But they will face a well-funded oppos...

Lia Thomas succeeding from ‘hard worknot because she’s transgender, Penn Law groups say

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Listed as signatories to the column were Penn Law for Philly, Law Students for a Democratic Society, Penn Law Lambda, Trans Empowerment @ Advocacy Project, If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice, American Co...

Police groups slam Black Lives Matter chapter for complaining shot police officers treated as ‘heroes

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Shortly after a Metropolitan Police Department officer was shot in D.C.’s Petworth neighborhood Sunday night, Black Lives Matter D.C. took the opportunity to promote its #StopMPD campaign and warn against the spread ...

Videos show “Stop die steel” rally organizer saying he would work with extremist groups

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An organizer of the "Stop die steel" rallies that preceded the attack on the US Capitol a year ago said he would work with two extremist groups, who later had members charged in the attack, about providing security ...

Dodelike ISIS-gevangenispoging laat die vrese van die groep se herlewing aanwakker

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Minstens sewe vegters van die Amerikaanse geallieerde Siriese Demokratiese Magte is dood toe ISIS Donderdag probeer het om duisende van sy vegters uit 'n Siriese tronk te breek., 'n aanval wat onderstreep gaan oor die terreur gr...

Ortodokse rabbi's veroordeel CAIR, Ortodokse rabbi's veroordeel CAIR’

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"Ortodokse rabbi's veroordeel CAIR, Ortodokse rabbi's veroordeel CAIR," Rabbi Yaakov Menken, Ortodokse rabbi's veroordeel CAIR (Ortodokse rabbi's veroordeel CAIR), Ortodokse rabbi's veroordeel CAIR. "Ortodokse rabbi's veroordeel CAIR.

Beijing Olympics tickets will only be available to ‘spectators from selected groups,’ sê organiseerders

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Beijing had already cracked down on allowing fans from outside the country to go to the Games, something Japan similarly did for the Summer Olympics. Tickets have not yet been offered to the general public. KLIK HAAR ...