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Biden’s border grows deadlier by the day

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In one incident alone 55 migrants died as an over packed semi careened out of control. Just in the last few days a mother and daughter lost their lives when their car was slammed into by a fleeing trafficker. YUMA LA...

McConnell-McCarthy divide grows as Trump aims to keep his grip on GOP

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rep. James Comer were sitting near each other at Cardinal Stadium late last month, watching Kentucky and Louisville's home-state football rivalry turn into a one-sided affa...

Buttigieg geniet 'warm, wasig’ media-onderhoude as buzz meer moontlik 2024 bied: Politieke skrywer

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Aan "Amerika se Newsroom," Palmeri het die berig bespreek dat Demokrate toenemend skepties is dat president Biden 'n tweede termyn sal soek, en wonder of Buttigieg eerder as vise-president Kamala Harris kan ...

Sy. Katoen: ‘It’s imperative’ Biden modernizes US nuclear forces while China grows nuclear arsenal

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SY. TOM KATOEN: The report about China’s crash nuclear buildup is very troubling. China has long had a small nuclear force but they’re obviously trying to rapidly expand it. You mentioned all of the missile silos th...

Liberal backlash against Sinema grows on Capitol Hill as potential Arizona challenger emerges

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Sy. Kyrsten Sinema is at the zenith of her influence in Washington, with the ability to dramatically reshape -- or derail -- President Joe Biden's domestic agenda simply by threatening to point her thumb down. Maar ...

Intrigue grows with role for Cowboys rookie defender Parsons

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While the Chargers cost themselves two touchdowns with penalties, there was no denying the impact of Parsons, particularly when matched up against right tackle Storm Norton. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . ...

Nuwe veldbrand in Kalifornië dwing ontruimings en groei tot 1,200 hektaar in minder as 6 ure

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Soos baie in die suidooste van die Verenigde State, maak hulle gereed vir die orkaan Ida, regoor die land in Kalifornië is sommige inwoners van San Diego County uit hul huise gedwing weens 'n nuwe, vinnig groeiende veldbrand. Die Kap ...

Caldor Fire groei tot meer as 98,000 hektaar soos die VSA sien 94 aktiewe groot brande landwyd

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Die Caldor -vuur het meer as vernietig 320 strukture en bedreig 'n ander 13,000 terwyl dit in Noord -Kalifornië onophoudelik brand. Agt dae nadat die brand in El Dorado County uitgebreek het, dit het ...

Biden set to speak on evacuations as situation in Afghanistan grows desperate

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President Joe Biden will deliver remarks on Friday about the ongoing US military evacuations of American citizens and vulnerable Afghans as chaos ensues at and around Kabul's international airport. Prior to his rema...

Arizona AG calls on Biden to replace Mayorkas as GOP pressure over border numbers grows

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"Mnr. President, Secretary Mayorkas’ short tenure at DHS has been nothing short of an unmitigated disaster for border security, and for American safety and sovereignty," Brnovich wrote in a letter Friday to Biden. "Fo ...

As the climate crisis worsens in the US, pressure for action from Biden and Kerry grows

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In a summer of deadly and life-altering extreme weather, the Biden administration and Democrats are walking a tightrope, with a razor-thin majority in Congress, to enact policies that will reroute the US economy awa...

Philippine vaccination hubs open 24 hours as Delta threat grows

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Vaccination centers across the Philippine capital Manila are trying to speed up inoculation rates, including by staying open 24 ure, to help combat a sharp rise in Covid-19 infections linked to the spread of the hi...

US ‘not ready to throw in the towelon Afghan talks even as Taliban violence grows

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The Biden administration has continued to back negotiations between the Afghan government and the Taliban, insisting the latter is still invested in the political process and political success is still possible, vooraand ...

China seals city as its worst virus outbreak in a year grows

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Since that initial outbreak was tamed last year, China's people had lived virtually free of the virus, with extremely strict border controls and local distancing and quarantine measures stamping out scattered, klein ...

Beijing reports first Covid case in 179 days as alarm grows over Nanjing Delta cluster

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Hong Kong Beijing recorded its first Covid-19 case in nearly six months on Wednesday, as Chinese authorities scramble to prevent the spread of the Delta variant amid an outbreak linked to an airport in the populous e...

Grenell: Soos Merkel met Biden vergader, kommer groei oor Duitsland se skuif na Rusland, Sjina

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Grenell, wat onder president Donald Trump gedien het, vertel "Die storie" Donderdag ten spyte van die verklarings van die Withuis, Biden sal waarskynlik lippetaal gee aan kommer oor Rusland wat die Nordstream-pypleiding na Merk voltooi..

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