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Contreras Fire grows to more than 20,000 acres in southern Arizona, putting nearby residents on alert

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The Contreras Fire burning in southern Arizona has grown to 20,360 에이커, prompting possible evacuations for nearby residents, 관리들은 말했다. While an evacuation hasn't been mandated, the Pima County Sheriff's Depa...

Couples turn to eco-friendly wedding elements as sustainability grows more popular: 보고서

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Event venues and vendors are putting more effort into being eco-friendly, as Lauren Kay, an executive editor at The Knot, a leading wedding publication, told The Associated Press. "A lot of vendors are really educat...

Meet an ‘extremeplant that thrives and grows faster under stress

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CNN의 Wonder Theory 과학 뉴스레터 구독하기. 매혹적인 발견에 대한 뉴스와 함께 우주를 탐험하세요, 과학적 발전 등. Not all plants wither when faced with harsh conditions. Extremophyte ...

Parts of New Mexico under evacuation orders as McBride Fire grows to more than 6,000 에이커

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The deadly McBride Fire in southern New Mexico grew to more than 6,100 acres Saturday and evacuation orders remained in place in several areas, 관리들은 말했다. 블레이즈, burning in Lincoln County, started four days...

As Kanye West is dropped from Grammys, petition grows to nix him from Coachella; ‘What happens next?’: 전문가

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이번달 초, West was barred from the upcoming Grammys, and there has also been overwhelming public support to keep him from headlining Coachella. A representative for West confirmed to Variety that the rap...

As BA.2 grows in the US, experts look to other countries to predict its impact here

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After weeks in free fall, new Covid-19 cases are starting to level off in the US, as the BA.2 subvariant continues its ascent. BA.2 caused about 35% of cases in the US last week, ~에서 22% the week before, 계약 ...

Pressure grows on Biden administration to change student loan bankruptcy rules

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Washington Pressure is growing on the Biden administration to make it easier to discharge student loan debt in bankruptcy. President Joe Biden campaigned on reforming the bankruptcy system, which currently makes it e...

As anti-Semitism grows, so does its dangers to everyone. Here’s how you can fight against it

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Vlad Khaykin directs the Anti-Defamation League's programs on anti-Semitism. For him, it's personal. He was born in the Soviet Union where Jew-hatred was entrenched in society. Khaykin's grandparents survived t...

Biden’s border grows deadlier by the day

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In one incident alone 55 migrants died as an over packed semi careened out of control. Just in the last few days a mother and daughter lost their lives when their car was slammed into by a fleeing trafficker. YUMA LA...

McConnell-McCarthy divide grows as Trump aims to keep his grip on GOP

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rep. James Comer were sitting near each other at Cardinal Stadium late last month, watching Kentucky and Louisville's home-state football rivalry turn into a one-sided affa...

'따뜻함'을 즐기는 부티지지, 흐린’ 버즈가 커질수록 미디어 인터뷰 2024 매기다: 정치 작가

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의 위에 "미국의 뉴스 룸," Palmeri는 민주당원들이 바이든 대통령의 재선에 점점 회의적이라는 보고에 대해 논의했습니다., 카말라 해리스 부사장이 아닌 부티지지가...

이것의. 면: '필수적' 바이든, 중국이 핵무기를 키우는 동안 미국 핵무력 현대화

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이것의. TOM 코튼: 중국의 충돌 핵 축적에 대한 보고서는 매우 골치 아프다. 중국은 오랫동안 작은 규모의 핵력을 보유하고 있지만 빠르게 확장하려고 노력하고 있음이 분명합니다.. 당신은 모든 미사일 사일로를 언급했습니다..

잠재적 애리조나 도전자가 등장함에 따라 시네마에 대한 자유주의적 반발이 국회 의사당에서 커지고 있습니다.

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이것의. Kyrsten Sinema는 워싱턴에서 영향력의 정점에 있습니다., 극적으로 재구성하는 능력으로 -- 또는 탈선하다 -- 조 바이든 대통령의 국내 의제는 단순히 엄지손가락을 아래로 가리키겠다고 위협하는 것뿐이다.. 하지만...

Intrigue grows with role for Cowboys rookie defender Parsons

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While the Chargers cost themselves two touchdowns with penalties, there was no denying the impact of Parsons, particularly when matched up against right tackle Storm Norton. 더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. . ...

New wildfire in California forces evacuations and grows to 1,200 acres in less than 6 시간

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As many in the southeastern United States brace for Hurricane Ida, across the country in California some San Diego County residents have been forced from their homes because of a new, fast-growing wildfire. The Chap...

Caldor Fire는 그 이상으로 성장합니다. 98,000 미국이 보는 에이커 94 전국적으로 큰 산불

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Caldor Fire는 다음보다 더 많은 것을 파괴했습니다. 320 구조하고 다른 사람을 위협하고 있습니다. 13,000 북부 캘리포니아에서 계속 불타고 있기 때문에. 엘도라도 카운티 화재 발생 8일 만에, 그것은 가지고있다 ...

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