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Op hierdie dag in die geskiedenis, Augustus 4, 1790, Kuswag is gestig deur Alexander Hamilton

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Oorspronklik genoem die Revenue Marine Service, die Kuswag is gestig agt jaar voor die V.S. Vloot. "Die Kuswag is beide 'n federale wetstoepassingsagentskap en 'n militêre mag, en daarom is 'n getroue...

Jason Chaffetz: Muriel Bowser, burgemeester van DC, betree die aksie en smeek die Nasionale Wag om hulp

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LAURA INGRAHAM: BIDEN ‘WEET SLEGS HOE OM OM TE VERLOOR’ TE midde van 'n resessie onder sy horlosie JASON CHAFFETZ: Maar nou begin DC-burgemeester Muriel Bowser in die aksie en smeek die Nasionale Wag vir hulp om die toestroming te hanteer..

COVID vaccine mandates from Biden admin may cripple National Guard

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Whether it’s helping coordinate hurricane responses, training our allies abroad, responding to domestic civil unrest, fighting wildfires, or establishing COVID-19 field hospitals and treating patients – they’ve been ...

Arizona governor deploys National Guard to county facing flash flooding amid battling wildfires

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Arizona's governor has deployed the state's National Guard to assist with flooding relief and mitigation over the weekend in Coconino County, he announced Saturday. Goewerneur. Doug Ducey, 'n Republikein, op Twitter gesê 30 ...

Good Samaritan in NJ rescues 22 from sinking charter boat that reportedly struck bridge, Coast Guard says

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The Starfish charter boat reportedly struck the Townsend Inlet Bridge near Sea Isle City, New Jersey, on Monday evening, die VSA. Coast Guard Mid-Atlantic said. The vessel suffered a gash to its starboard hull, resu...

Todd and Julie Chrisley told their son Grayson, 16, to guard his ‘tender heartamid legal troubles

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After the reality tv couple were convicted of tax evasion and bank fraud in June, they have shed some insight on how their family’s been coping, especially their son Grayson, 16. "Grayson is the sweetest child and ha...

Coast Guard sends back 46 Cubans encountered at sea

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At least three of the stops were made because of an alert by a good Samaritan, het die kuswag gesê. All of those occurred Monday off the Florida coast. Another was initiated by a Coast Guard Key West sector near th...

101-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard sentenced to five years for Holocaust atrocities

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Berlin A 101-year-old former Nazi concentration camp guard has been sentenced to five years in prison by a German court for aiding and abetting the murder of 3,518 people during the Holocaust. The man had been charge...

Top Air National Guard Colonel: Ukrainian pilots ‘100%capable of flying fourth-generation warplanes

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"The Ukraine air force has the pilot corps to fly these types of advanced aircraft," Kol. Rob Swertfager said. "The Ukrainian pilots are fantastic. I've flown with every air force in Europe – especially their regiona...

Japan says Chinese coast guard ships in longest violation of its territorial waters in a decade

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Tokyo Two Chinese coast guard ships navigated Japan's territorial waters near a chain of disputed islands for more than 64 hours this week, Japanese authorities said Friday -- the longest incursion of its kind in a d...

Good Samaritan rescues fisherman off Oregon coast as flames engulf boat, Coast Guard says

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The lone fisherman aboard the 42-foot commercial vessel sent in the distress call at 6:30 am. while about 2 miles off the coast of Oregon’s Manzanita Beach, het die amptenaar bygevoeg. When Coast Guard rescuers arrived and...

Miami boat crash: 2 bodies recovered, 10 gered, US Coast Guard says

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Coast Guard Station Miami Beach small boat and helicopter crews rescued 10 people and recovered one body from the water. Miami-Dade Fire Rescue recovered a second body from the water. "On behalf of the Coast Guard an...

Montana National Guard launches rescue missions for people stranded by ‘significant’ oorstromings

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Local law enforcement requested help from the National Guard to rescue stranded civilian in south central Montana around 2:45 nm. Monday as overflowing rivers left homes underwater, amptenare gesê. The Guard deploye...

Lawrence Jones asks dad who stood guard at school what we can do for kidssafety after Uvalde shooting

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EDDIE CHELBY: I just knew with the experience that I have being in the military for 11 years and then, I'm actually in the private security business right now, just volunteering your time in your own community is one...

Massachusetts polisie soek seun, 6, vermoedelik vermis naby rivier, nadat Kuswag soektog opskort

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Amesbury-polisie en twee burgerlikes het Donderdag die seun se 7-jarige suster en hul nou-oorlede ma opgespoor, wat glo verdrink het om haar kinders te red, as FOX 25 Boston het eers berig. Massachusetts Stat...

NSBA letter drafts called for national guard and military to be deployed

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In contrast to the final version, the draft of the NSBA letter said, "We ask that the Army National Guard and its Military Police be deployed to certain school districts and related events where students and school p...

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