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Cleveland Guardians disregard roller derby team named the Guardians

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The former Cleveland Indians — a title deemed fairly innocent in intent, according to polling results — have tried to prevent their new nomenclature, the Guardians, from overlapping with any existing "Guardian" prope...

'Die selfmoordspan’ director James Gunn, who was fired from ‘Guardiansthen rehired, talks cancel culture

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In Julie 2018, the director was cut from "Guardians of the Galaxy" after inappropriate, yearsold tweets resurfaced that showed Gunn joking about rape, child molestation and more. He explained at the time that his twee...

Dana Loesch explodes on Adam Toledo’s absent guardians leading up to fatal shooting: Where are the adults?

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Loesch argued the police officers involved should not be the ones criticized for acting in self-defense, but instead the party to blame is the adults responsible for looking after the teen. "Adam Toledo’s life matter...