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‘Grace and Frankiestaging ‘9 to 5reunion with Dolly Parton guest role

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The producers of Netflix's "그레이스와 프랭키" are not going to let our dreams shatter: Dolly Parton will be joining her "9 ...에 5" co-stars in the upcoming final season of the show. The streamer announced the guest s...

자유주의 MSNBC 게스트는 Winsome Sears를 '검은 입'이라고 부릅니다.’ '백인 우월주의 관행'을 위해’

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시어스, 자메이카 이민자이자 해병대 퇴역 군인, 화요일 버지니아에서 최초로 흑인 여성이 선출되었습니다.. 그녀는 자신이 아메리칸 드림의 화신이며 그녀의 승리가 운명적이라고 선언했습니다..

MSNBC’s Joy Reid promotes guest who calls Texas pro-lifers the ‘new American Taliban

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그만큼 "ReidOut" host invited author Frank Schaeffer, the son of the late evangelical Francis Schaeffer, to discuss the Texas Heartbeat Act, the law restricting nearly all abortions in the state which went into effect o...

Ivory Coast suspends TV presenter who asked guest to simulate rape

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A television presenter in Ivory Coast was suspended on Tuesday for 30 days after he invited a convicted rapist onto his prime-time show and asked him to simulate a rape using a mannequin. Ivory Coast's independent co...

Erykah Badu는 Martha의 Vineyard 파티 파울에 대해 Obamas에게 사과합니다., '끔찍한 손님'’

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소울풀한 그래미상 수상자는 트위터에 전 퍼스트 가족의 용서를 구했습니다. "끔찍한 손님" Martha 's Vine에서 Barack Obama의 대규모 60 번째 생일 파티 사진과 비디오를 게시하여 ...

Jennifer Aniston jokes she would guest host ‘The Bachelorfollowing Chris Harrison’s exit: ‘Gladly

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The 52-year-old actress, known for her love of the romantic franchise, told InStyle in an interview published on Tuesday that the contestants really need a "psychologist or psychiatrist," but that she'd be willing to...

LeVar Burton makes his ‘Jeopardy!’ guest host debut on Monday

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LeVar Burton will have all the answers on Monday when he debuts as guest host on "위험!" The beloved former "레인보우 읽기" host and producer, who's known for his roles as Geordi La Forge in "스타 트렉: The Ne...

'법 & 주문: SVU’ guest actor indicted for murder of a man in ‘brazen afternoon shooting,’ Queens DA says

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Isaiah Stokes, an actor who appeared in one episode of "법 & 주문: 특별 피해자 부서," has been indicted on a second-degree murder charge, the Queens County, 뉴욕, District Attorney's Office said Friday...

MSNBC 게스트는 '반백서' 운동이 유색인종 커뮤니티를 겨냥한 백인 우월주의라고 제안했습니다.

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토요일에, 앵커 티파니 크로스, 박사와 이야기. 미국 시민 사이에서 더 많은 예방 접종을 위한 최근 추진에 대한 Chris Pernell. 특히, 다양한 아프리카 계 미국인 커뮤니티가 나타남을 크로스 인식 ...

플로리다 의원, GOP 히스패닉 유권자는 '정체성 위기'라고 말한 Campos-Duffy 폭발 MSNBC 게스트’

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파올라 라모스(Paola Ramos)는 도널드 트럼프(Donald Trump) 전 대통령이 히스패닉계 표를 더 많이 모았다는 퓨 리서치(Pew Research)의 연구에 응답했습니다. 2020 선거보다 2016. "벽에 대해 들은 후, 이산가족을 본 후...

MSNBC guest claimed track and field can be ‘a very gendered place

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On Saturday’s episode of American Voices, Menendez spoke with track athlete Nikki Hiltz who recently competed against women in the Olympic trials. Despite Hiltz not qualifying for the American team, Menendez highlig...

MSNBC는 Joy Reid가 '교육을 받았다'고 주장하여 YouTube에서 폐기되었습니다.’ 비판적 인종 이론에 게스트: '당황’

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이번 주에 Joy Reid가 보수적인 게스트를 지속적으로 방해하고 심지어 비하하는 비디오의 좌익 케이블 네트워크의 헤드라인, "Joy Reid Schools 법률 장학금에 대한 비판적 인종 이론 비평가," 우리 아니었나...

Chaffetz blasts MSNBC guest for comparing Senate election vote to ‘apartheid’: ‘So shameful

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PROGRESSIVES FUME AFTER REPUBLICANS USE FILIBUSTER TO BLOCK DEMS' S.1 ELECTION REFORM BILL JASON CHAFFETZ: Chuck Schumer knew it wasn’t going the pass. It is fundamentally a bad bill. It is a ‘for the Democrats’ bill...

Elle Macpherson은 'Friends’ 게스트 역할 '내 경력에서 최고의 경험 중 하나’

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호주 슈퍼 모델, 57, 그녀의 경험을 소셜 미디어에 게시했습니다. "친구: 재결합" HBO Max에 방금 떨어 뜨린 스페셜. "@hbomax에서 친구 재회를 본 사람? 가입 요청을 받고 ...

Mayim Bialik made her ‘Jeopardy!’ guest host debut

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Mayim Bialik made her "위험!" guest host debut on Monday. "It is an incredible honor to guest host Jeopardy! I was raised in a very creative and academic family, but it wasn't until high school that I fell in lo...

Mayim Bialik’s ‘Jeopardy!’ guest hosting debut gets rave reviews from viewers, 그녀 자신

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전자 "빅뱅 이론" star is the latest in a long list of celebrity guest hosts on the latest season of the popular game show following the death of longtime host Alex Trebek, who died in November of 2020 fol ...

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