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Universal Orlando guests stop wearing masks after policy change, foto's wys

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Op Vrydag, the Florida theme park announced that starting Saturday, it was dropping its mask mandate for both indoor and outdoor areas of the park in accordance with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Preventio...

Disney wêreld, Universal Studios stopping temperature checks for guests

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Onlangs, Disney World updated its website saying that it would be phasing out temperature screenings this month. Starting Saturday, cast members will no longer have to undergo onsite temperature checks. Intussen, ...

First lady hosts virtual guests, including transgender teen, for Biden address to congress

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Guests of the first lady would traditionally sit in her viewing box for the president’s speech, but with invite-only protocols issued to top Congressional leaders, even Biden’s guests were barred from the event. Maar ...

Prins William, Kate Middleton se huweliksgaste sê 'alles buite het net gebrul' tydens die televisie-seremonie

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Die hertog en hertogin van Cambridge het die knoop deurgehak 2011. Hulle is ouers van drie kinders: Prins George, 7, Prinses Charlotte, 5, en prins Louis, 3. "Alles buite het net gebrul," Martin herroep aan People m ...

Theme park guests film themselves climbing down 200 feet after roller coaster breaks down

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A popular roller coaster at a British theme park broke down while one of the train cars was near the top of the coaster’s lift hill. One of the passengers filmed her experience walking down from 200-feet in the air i...

California theme parks can allow out-of-state guests, with restrictions

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After over a year of being closed, California’s theme parks have only recently been able to reopen. As gevolg van die voortdurende koronavirus-pandemie, egter, the parks had to reopen under certain restrictions. These rules in...

Police shut down ultra-Orthodox Jewish wedding with 150 guests amid London lockdown

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London Police in London shut down an ultra-Orthodox Jewish wedding with approximately 150 guests on Thursday. The organizer faces a £10,000 ($ 13,700) fine for breaking England's coronavirus lockdown, according to p...

Several sheriffs in upstate New York say they will ignore Gov. Cuomo’s order to limit Thanksgiving guests

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Less than a week after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo instilled an executive order limiting the number of people at Thanksgiving gatherings, several upstate sheriffs say they plan to ignore it. Cuomo's order limits the ...

A Long Island country club was fined $17,000 for hosting a wedding where 30 guests contracted Covid-19

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Officials in one New York county have fined a Long Island country club $ 17,000 for hosting a wedding in which a third of guests later tested positive for Covid-19. Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced...