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Previsión meteorológica nacional: Soaked Gulf Coast faces another day of heavy rain

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More wet weather over saturated ground will be a major concern for the Central and Western Gulf Coast. The national forecast for Thursday, Mayo 20. (Fox News)

Tropical Storm Ida could be a ‘worst-case scenariofor Louisiana, Gulf Coast as heat continues across US

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TROPICAL STORM IDA NEARS LOUISIANA, PROMPTING GOVERNOR'S EMERGENCY DECLARATION This could be a worst-case scenario for this area, but there is still some time to fine-tune the forecast. Most reliable forecast mode...

South Korea sends anti-piracy unit to Persian Gulf after Iran seizes tanker

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Seúl, South Korea Seoul has dispatched an acclaimed anti-piracy unit to the Strait of Hormuz after a South Korean-flagged tanker was seized by Iran in the Persian Gulf on Monday. The Cheonghae Unit, which includes S...

Tropical Storm Nicholas hits Gulf Coast as severe thunderstorms possible over Central Plains to the Northeast

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NICHOLAS DOWNGRADED TO TROPICAL STORM AFTER MAKING LANDFALL IN TEXAS AS CATEGORY 1 HURRICANE The storm is forecast to weaken, but not move very much, bringing torrential rainfall to Texas and Louisiana. Hu...

Lluvia, flooding threatens to drench Gulf Coast states again

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Already battered by weeks of flooding, baseball-sized hail and tornadoes, states along the Gulf Coast will be impacted by a slow-moving system. CALIFORNIA FACES WORST DROUGHT IN DECADES: 'ECONOMIC DISASTER' The Nat...

As Hurricane Ida moves rapidly toward Gulf Coast, Nora could impact Southwest

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According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm was located approximately 230 miles south of Cabo Corrientes, Mexico and moving toward the northwest near 12 mph. NEW ORLEANS EVACUATES AS HURRICANE IDA EXPECTED...

Arab countries agree to end years-long feud with Qatar that divided Gulf

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Gulf Arab countries signed an agreement aimed at resolving a long-running dispute with Qatar on Tuesday, in a public reconciliation between Doha and its neighbors that paves the way for the end of an embargo on the ...

Reps. Waltz torches Biden over ‘Grand Canyon-sized gulfwith military commanders

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His remarks come after top generals, Mark Milley, Kenneth McKenzie, and Lloyd Austin testified on Capitol Hill, contradicting the commander-in-chief, over the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. "I've never seen a Gra...

Previsión meteorológica nacional: Heat wave to continue as rainfall, flooding expected to soak Gulf Coast, Southeast

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Wildfire danger will also be elevated through the end of the week. The heat will spread into the Central and Southern Plains through Friday. An area of disturbed weather will likely become a tropical depr...

Residents of this small Louisiana town describe ‘hours of agonyas Hurricane Ida slammed the Gulf Coast

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LaPlace, Louisiana Residents of LaPlace endured hours of harsh winds and rising water as Hurricane Ida's fierce winds blew through the Louisiana town. Ida slammed the Gulf Coast on Sunday, leaving at least one perso...

Iran unveils underground missile base on Gulf coast, state media says

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Iran has unveiled an underground base for "strategic missiles" on its Gulf coastline, según los medios estatales. Video broadcast by state media Friday showed the head of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards, Major Gen...

UAE becomes first Gulf state to commit to net zero. Oil will still flow

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Londres (CNN Business)The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become the first country in the Persian Gulf to commit to net zero carbon emissions by 2050. But it's not turning its back on oil just yet. The UAE government m...

Gulf Coast braces for possible flooding, heavy winds and tornadoes as millions are under tropical storm warning

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Millions of people across the South are bracing for a tropical storm that is threatening to dump heavy rain along the Gulf Coast. In Louisiana, which was battered last month by heavy rain and flooding, the governo...

Sobre 100 Hombres varados en un barco de perforación en el Golfo durante Ida, no hay rescate a la vista: "Llorando en el pasillo’

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"Quiero decir, estaba viendo a hombres adultos con chalecos salvavidas aferrarse a la vida llorando en el pasillo.. Estuvo mal," un miembro anónimo de la tripulación le dijo a KLFY News Ten. Tripulación del barco de perforación Globetrotter II de Noble, que es loca ...

Power outages, storm damage slam Louisiana; search for commercial vessel in Gulf of Mexico continues

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LOUISIANA STORM PROMPTS COAST GUARD SEARCH OFF GRAND ISLE FOR ‘MULTIPLE PEOPLE IN THE WATER' Hazardous winds, lightning and ping-pong ball-sized hail came following days of tornadoes and flooding. Part of a Metairi...

Cold front forecast to bring stormy weather from Great Lakes to Gulf Coast

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FOX WEATHER BEEFS UP ON-AIR TEAM AHEAD OF OCTOBER 25 PREMIERE Isolated severe storms will be possible from the Lower Great Lakes through the Southeast. 24-Hour temperature change (Crédito: Fox News)...

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