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'N Gewapende man is dood na 'n skietery op 'n kerskonsert in die katedraal in New York

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Die polisie het 'n gewapende man by die katedraal van St.. John the Divine in die stad New York na 'n Kerskonsert Sondagmiddag, volgens die polisie. 'N Koor sing aan die bokant van die trappe by die katedraal..

Miami kroeg wat blare skiet 4 gewond, gewapende man dood: polisie

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Die skietery het omstreeks middernag by die Chicagoan Bar op die 10700 blok van NW 7de Straat in Miami, het die Miami-Dade-polisiedepartement vroeg Dinsdag aan Fox News Digital gesê. MAN VAN FLORIDA GESTEL IN MOTORJAPSAAK A...

Nevada road worker wounded in highway shooting; suspected gunman dead after police chase, skietgeveg

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The incident unfolded around 10 am. when a passing motorist opened fire on a Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) maintenance worker who was resurfacing State Route 278 near Eureka, officials with NDOT and the...

Gunman in Philadelphia opens fire on victim in broad daylight ambush, video wys

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The shooting happened just before noon Thursday on the 1800 block of E. Clementine Street, Philadelphia police said. NYC SMILING THIEVES WANTED FOR STEALING 400 BULLETPROOF VESTS DONATED TO BENEFIT UKRAINE Police re...

California gunman arrested in ‘Forever Purgetheater shooting that killed woman, wounded Tik Tok star: Polisie

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Joseph Jimenez, 20, was booked on murder, attempted murder and robbery charges, the Corona Police Department said. He is being held on a $ 2 miljoen verband. Authorities said both victims – deceased Rylee Goodrich and...

Hollywood slayings leave man and woman dead, search on for gunman

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Die paar, both in their 20s, were found with gunshot wounds by Los Angeles police officers around 11:15 nm. in the heart of Hollywood, het die Los Angeles-polisiedepartement aan Fox News gesê. They received multiple 911 kal ...

Philadelphia police kill gunman who opened fire on teens, doodmaak 1

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A man who fatally shot a teenage boy early Friday was killed by Philadelphia police officers who had responded to a report of a fight, owerhede gesê. The incident happened shortly after midnight on Emerald Street...

University of Chicago police officer injured gunman in shootout, verslag sê

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The shooting occurred just after 11:40 am. near Woodlawn Avenue and Hyde Park Boulevard, the Chicago Fire Department told Fox affiliate WFLD-TV. CHICAGO PASTOR SPENDING 100 NIGHTS ON FRIGID ROOFTOP TO BRING ATTENTI...

Gunman shoots man next to 2 children in broad daylight in the Bronx

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New York City police are looking for two individuals in connection with a brazen daytime assault in which a 24-year-old man was shot next to two children on a Bronx sidewalk on Thursday. One of the individuals shot ...

Brave churchgoers sprang into action and hog-tied gunman during a deadly rampage

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"OUR HEARTS ARE BROKEN" – Victims identified in the Buffalo massacre, FBI and police search suspect’s home. en 'n Christelike konserwatiewe regsorganisasie het aangevoer dat die direksie onder onvolledige inligting van 'n sekularistiese niewinsorganisasie gegroet het "WOKE" MEDICINE - CRT-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 39 out of the top 50 ...

2 employees shot at Smile Direct Club in Antioch, Tennessee, gunman shot by police

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Two employees were injured during an early morning workplace shooting Tuesday at a Smile Direct Club on Antioch Pike in Antioch, Tennessee. According to the Nashville Metro Police Department, police were called ar...

Uvalde police officer had gunman in his rifle sights before he entered school but didn’t fire, verslag sê

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The gunman would go on to murder 19 children and two teachers before a Border Patrol tactical team eventually breached the classroom and took him out over 70 minute later, a delay that has been sharply criticized by...

Gunman kills at least 3 in multiple shootings in Illinois, sê die polisie

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A gunman killed at least three people and wounded several others in a series of shootings in the Chicago area Saturday before being shot and killed by police, owerhede gesê. Chicago Police Superintendent David Br...

Vermeende gewapende man in Florida skiet op universiteitsvoetbalspeler wat deur US Marshals gearresteer is

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Nyquan Priester, 20, is Donderdag gearresteer en aangekla van tweedegraadse moord vir die dood van die 18-jarige Dylan Jenkins, volgens die Amerikaanse. Marshals. KOLLEGE-VOETBAL-SPELER VERMOOR IN 'SINLOOS' FLORIDA-SKIET ...

Houston deputy’s wife and stepchild shot by gunman inside their apartment, sê die polisie

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An off-duty deputy's wife and his 4-year-old stepdaughter were shot early Sunday morning when a gunman forced entry into their Houston, Texas, home and opened fire, according to Police Chief Troy Finner. At about 2...

This hero doctor charged a gunman at a church service and prevented further bloodshed, amptenare sê

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A California family and sports medicine doctor with a deep interest in building community was praised as a hero after he died confronting a gunman at a church service Sunday. Dr. John Cheng, 52, was the lone person ...

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