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California gunman arrested in ‘Forever Purgetheater shooting that killed woman, wounded Tik Tok star: Polisie

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Joseph Jimenez, 20, was booked on murder, attempted murder and robbery charges, the Corona Police Department said. He is being held on a $ 2 miljoen verband. Authorities said both victims – deceased Rylee Goodrich and...

Suspected gunman and 2 others killed in shooting at a Houston motel, sê die polisie

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A shooting at a Houston motel Sunday night left two people and a suspected gunman dead and two others wounded, according to Houston police. The incident does not appear to be an instance of domestic violence and i...

L.A. sheriff challenges LeBron James to match reward to help find the gunman who ambushed two deputies

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Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva is challenging NBA superstar LeBron James to step up and help find the gunman who ambushed and shot two deputies. Villanueva went on the radio show 790KABC on Monday night ...

'N Gewapende man is dood na 'n skietery op 'n kerskonsert in die katedraal in New York

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Die polisie het 'n gewapende man by die katedraal van St.. John the Divine in die stad New York na 'n Kerskonsert Sondagmiddag, volgens die polisie. 'N Koor sing aan die bokant van die trappe by die katedraal..

Shots fired by barricaded gunman in suburban Atlanta, sê die polisie

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Police ordered nearby residents to shelter in place Tuesday morning after a barricaded gunman at a suburban Atlanta home fired shots. Officers are on the scene in the Cobb County neighborhood, oor 20 miles north o...

Gunman kills at least 3 in multiple shootings in Illinois, sê die polisie

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A gunman killed at least three people and wounded several others in a series of shootings in the Chicago area Saturday before being shot and killed by police, owerhede gesê. Chicago Police Superintendent David Br...

California therapists claim San Jose gunman was possibly stressed, isolated due to pandemic: verslag doen

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While authorities described the gunman, Samuel Cassidy, as "a highly disgruntled VTA employee for many years," which may have contributed to him targeting the victims -- Isaac Smith, a Sacramento-area therapist, cont...

Gunman kills four in attack near French embassy in Tanzania

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A gunman killed three police officers and a private security guard on a rampage through a diplomatic quarter of Tanzania's main city Dar es Salaam on Wednesday, before being shot dead while holed up in a guardhouse ...

Philadelphia police kill gunman who opened fire on teens, doodmaak 1

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A man who fatally shot a teenage boy early Friday was killed by Philadelphia police officers who had responded to a report of a fight, owerhede gesê. The incident happened shortly after midnight on Emerald Street...

Justice Sonia Sotomayor was targeted by gunman, federal judge tells ’60 Minutes

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US District Court Judge Esther Salas said that a gunman who killed her son and wounded her husband in 2020 had also set his sights on Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, according to a CBS News "60 Minute" repor...

Nikolas Cruz, gunman in Parkland, Florida, school shooting, to plead guilty

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Die 23-jarige verdagte, polisie gesê, has confessed to the 2018 massacre of 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. In a separate case, Cruz pleaded guilty on Friday to four criminal counts stemming from a...

Maryland jury finds gunman in Capital Gazette shooting criminally responsible and rejects his mental illness argument

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A jury in Maryland on Thursday found that the man who killed five employees of the Capital Gazette newspaper is criminally responsible for the attack, rejecting his plea of insanity. Jarrod Ramos walked into the Ca...

Houston motel shooting leaves 3 dood, including suspected gunman; 2 others hurt, sê die polisie

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Authorities responded to the motel after receiving a call from a person believed to be the gunman, who indicated that he had weapons and could potentially shoot others, including police officers, Houston Police Execu...

DC Maserati gewapende man wat vrou wat met kinders bestuur, gewond het, bly op vrye voet

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Die Metropolitaanse polisie in DC het die bestuurder van Maserati Woensdag as die 42-jarige Kenneth Miles Davis geïdentifiseer, Jr., van Lanham, Maryland. BELONING IN VERMEENDE WEGWOEISKIET VAN CALIFORNIA 6-JAAR TOT $ 450,000 Poli ...

Die polisie in Nashville stel afgryslik vry 911 oproepe, video van die skietery wat verlaat het 3 beseer, gewapende man dood

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Koning, wat in Junie by Smile Direct Club begin werk het na 'n vroeëre tydperk van laat 2019 te vroeg 2020, het na die vervaardigingsfasiliteit gegaan 6:00am en afgedank meer as 20 rondes van a .45 pistool in die buis ...

Gunman shoots man next to 2 children in broad daylight in the Bronx

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New York City police are looking for two individuals in connection with a brazen daytime assault in which a 24-year-old man was shot next to two children on a Bronx sidewalk on Thursday. One of the individuals shot ...

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